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message 1: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale .

message 2: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) Does anyone wanna rp with me

message 3: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Sure! I would if you want.

message 4: by Mimi 'Pans' (last edited Mar 25, 2018 10:16AM) (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Name: Aster

Nickname (optional):

Age: 15

What are you? (Werewolf, mermaid, siren, shape-shifter, etc.): mind reader

Relationship (optional):

Appearance: https://funnystuffblog1.files.wordpre...

Likes: people (to mind read) shoes and clothes, colors.

Dislikes: parents.

History: She was abandoned by her parents because they already had plenty of children and they did not like the fact that she could read there minds. She would have been able to feel there hate. She was taken into the castle at 2 years old and has lived here ever since.

Other (optional): she is nice but once you learn that she can mind read you usually don't like her as much.
She prefers guns to any weapon.

here is my character.

message 5: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) Coolio
The only problem: Fen has had traumatic experiences with guns, but well just get over that!

message 6: by quq (last edited Mar 25, 2018 10:37AM) (new)

quq  (190511) Name: Fengári Barnes

Nickname (optional): Fen

Age: 17

What are you? (Werewolf, mermaid, siren, shape-shifter, etc.): Werewolf

Relationship (optional): single pringle


Being alone
Knives (preferred weapon)

Being social
Things bigger than her
Guns (there’s a story behind that)

History: She grew up in Minnesota with her parents. She was bitten when she was 9, and her early shifting was unexpected and all over the place. Her parents saw her shift, and they thought a demon had taken their daughter’s place. They tried to slit her wrists, but werewolves heal fast, so she ran away. She has trauma from that experience

message 7: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Ok. where do we meet? And I swear that Aster will be careful with the gun she always has with her.

message 8: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) I have no idea, I’m a newbie so idk where anything is

message 9: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Ok, then we can go to Tower 1 if you want. I will meet you there!!!

message 10: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) Wait what is Tower 1

message 11: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale well, it is just a castle tower. There are stairs leading up to it and it is a small circular room with three windows. It has some chairs and a small coffee table. And a great view!

message 12: by quq (new)

quq  (190511) Ok thanks

message 13: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale You're welcome.

message 14: by dashofmagic (new)

dashofmagic | 49 comments Mod

message 15: by Quietstream, EXTREME FANGIRL WARNING (new)

Quietstream (Fangirl_Forever) | 217 comments Mod
KK where u waana go?

message 16: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale hey

message 17: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) hi

message 18: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale are you currently rping with anyone or do you want someone to do it with?

message 19: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) I'm not rping with anyone. You want to rp?

message 20: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale sure. i have two characters there, daisy and fey, if you want those two. Or there is my one character that is a siren. Whichever you want, they are just on the create a character (students) page. If you need help finding them I can always send them to this page.

message 21: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Oh, I have a character.

message 22: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale can you send it, and do you want me to send you mine? which ones do you want. Fey comes with Daisy and vice versa

message 23: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Ok, do I just send you the character's info? Can you send me the siren?

message 24: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale sure.

message 25: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Name: Adelle

Nickname (optional): Del

Age: 15

What are you? (Werewolf, mermaid, siren, shape-shifter, etc.): Siren

Relationship (optional): She has crushes on almost any hot guy or girl she meets. So far though she doesn't have any official relationship.

Appearance: In water:
On land:

Likes: friends (sometimes) water (she recharges her powers when she is in it.)

Dislikes: most people. bullies. bullets. guns.

History: she was born in a small water-kingdom to her mother the siren queen. She came here at the age of ten as usual to learn how to manage her country and fight for herself and it at this school.

Other (optional): personality: she is very cold to most people she meets but if you stick with her she softens up and actually ends up being very kind.
She doesn't like eating a lot because she is so beautiful and wishes to stay that way.

message 26: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Name: Remington Guild

Nickname (optional): Remy

Age: 17

What are you? (Werewolf, mermaid, siren, shape-shifter, etc.): Shape-shifter

Relationship (optional): Single



Big rooms
Her dad

History: She was born into poverty. Her mother was poor and she fell in love with a man who turned out to be a prince. Before they went from rags to riches, they were a family. She was her dad's little princess and then, when she was 7, one morning he was just...gone. Then 10 years later her mother falls in love with a prince and she actually becomes a princess. It's not that she wasn't grateful it's just that, she doesn't belong there. She belongs...somewhere.

Other (optional): She usually shifts into and fox or cat.

message 27: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale k, thank u

message 28: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale but the appearance link does not work.

message 30: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale yeah, that works, thanks. Where do u want to meet??

message 31: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) ummmmm I don't know. You choose.

message 32: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale how bout garden? Or would you rather do tower 2

message 33: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale I mean, Adelle is at the Garden currently

message 34: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Alright, the garden then.

message 35: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale meet you there!

message 36: by dashofmagic (new)

dashofmagic | 49 comments Mod
Quietstream, wherever you want

message 37: by Milo (new)

Milo  Anyone wanna rp I have Merideth?

message 38: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) I don't have a free charrie but I can make one if you want to rp with me.

message 39: by Empress X (new)

Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) I could...but not for long.

message 40: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale i can also, but you go with anyone you want!

message 41: by Empress X (new)

Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) Well... have to leave now. Bye!

message 42: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Bye

message 43: by Aria (new)

Aria (AriaBayDamon) I'd wanna rp with someone

message 44: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale I can do it with you. I have two characters open, Daisy and Fae but they come together. If you want only one I can make one

message 45: by Aria (new)

Aria (AriaBayDamon) Uh sure, just (if you have time), can you show me their info so i can see their "personalities"

message 46: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale ok

message 47: by Aria (new)

Aria (AriaBayDamon) Thank you

message 48: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Name: Fae

Nickname (optional):

Age: 17

What are you? (Werewolf, mermaid, siren, shape-shifter, etc.): Faerie

Relationship (optional): her friend and her have gotten pretty serious.


Likes: magic
other faeries

Dislikes: no magic

History: She was born in a cold northern kingdom of faeries. Her parents decided that they didn't need her and tried to kill her as a baby. She was saved by a guard that was walking by. He sacrificed his life and then she went to a small village and lived with a old lady until she was ten. She came to the castle.

Other (optional): She prefers her magic to any weapon
she is nice but sometimes hard to get along with
she hates anything to do with family because of her parents. She has a scar on the back of her leg because of them and she limps because of that as well.

message 49: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Name: Daisy

Nickname (optional): Day

Age: 16

What are you? (Werewolf, mermaid, siren, shape-shifter, etc.): Vampire

Relationship (optional): her best friend, Fae, and her are getting pretty serious.


Likes: blood

Dislikes: no blood

History: She was abandone on a doorstep in front of someones house. When they found that she was a vampire they tried to kill her at one week old. A young man who lived in the same house saved her and raised her to resist her cravings for blood, this was very hard because they were very strong. She later found out that she was taken from a nearby kingdom of vampires and was actually the princess there. She was sent to the castle two years late because of this.

Other (optional): She is gay. She is nice, but sometimes slightly creepy.
She uses her teeth as a weapon usually but sometimes uses a sword.

message 50: by Aria (new)

Aria (AriaBayDamon) How about Fae? If it doesnt bother you?

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