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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Motorcycle Club book, the heroine has lost her memory!

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Lauren Gaffney | 1 comments the heroine was taking 6 months before and was repeatedly beaten and raped she is then rescued by an older biker and given an address and a car to get to the place. the hero is the sergeant at arms & he thought his fiance died 6 months ago but when they get a phone call about someone turning up they go and search. they find her at the side of the road and she's alive. his roadname is dragon. at some point in the book they decorate is room pink as a joke & he builds a house for him & his heroine on the property. please help I can't remember anymore

message 2: by Zenta (new)

Zenta  (juljeta) | 181 comments Book you are looking for is Finding Ali by Megan Fall

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