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What kind of rpes to you usually do?

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Hmm, do you like pirate things? I know it's not historical but it's along those lines.

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Yes please :) we could do a tavern girl/ pirate thing

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The pirate could walk into the bar when it's empty, and then the tavern girl notices her, she obviously stricken back by her beauty and she all nervous and flustered around her. Then the pirate notices this, and thinks the girl is a cute innocent girl. That sound good?

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Okay sure, which girl do you want to be?

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I usually like being the shy one so I guess that works :) okay I'll get to her :)

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Name: Rosetta Watson
Age: 22
Gender: Female


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Yes sorry I had to clean my room :) okay so do you want to start?

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Rosetta had been cleaning down the counter at the bar, it was late a night, and the bar was deserted, everyone had gone home or were on an adventure somewhere. She sighed at how boring her life was. She then threw the rag over the counter and sat at a bar stool.

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Rosetta spun in the chair and her mouth dropped open as she saw the pirate walk in. She was taken back by how beautiful she was and all she could do was stare at her, her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were wide.

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Rosetta jumped out of the bar stool and walked quickly behind the counter. She was still blushing but kept her gaze away from the new comer. "What would you like?" She asked still not looking at her.

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Elizabeth turned back to the mixed of alcohol and began to prepare the drink. She only looked back once to see the girl's head down on the counter, she stopped and hesitantly raised a hand out to touch her, "are you okay?" She asked.

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Rosetta jumped back in surprise but then turned around and started to make the drink again. This women sure was demanding, she thought to herself, when she was finished she placed the tankard on the counter before her. "Here you go." She quietly.

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Rosetta gave a small smile back to her, her cheeks started to strain red again, Rosetta was nervous and she often blushed for no reason, well tonight there was a reason. She then went back to cleaning the counter, she looked up to see the women again, only to douse herself with beer. "Ahh." She squeezed as the liquid began to seep through her blouse.

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Rosetta's mouth dropped open, the water made her blouse see through, and she didn't have another shirt. She blushed and looked at the customer, "I-I'm fine." She stuttered.

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Rosetta gasped, and looked down at the pirates shirt, she had the same feeling now looking at the pirate's shirt. She grabbed the edge of the bar and held onto, making sure not to do anything foolish.

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Rosetta looked down at the counter and then back up to her. "There's a inn a few blocks that way." She said slowly, and raced a hand to point to the direction it was located at. She didn't know whether to run or go with her. Two woman together was in thinkable in Thai twin, but Rosetta couldn't bring herself to say no.

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Rosetta didn't know what to say. She was already feeling the word 'yes' form on her lips but she new she would be shunned by the rest of the people in the town. "Maybe you could ... Kidnap me." She said slowly, hoping the pirate would catch on.

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Rosetta gasped when she carried her. She wrapped her arms over her chest to keep her chest out of view of the women that gave them the room key. When she was thrown onto the bed she squealed and raised her knees up as if to escape.


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((Ow! Are you okay?))

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((That sucks))

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