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Cherime MacFarlane

Cherime MacFarlane

Highland Light

HIGHLAND LIGHT is a historical romance set in 1308 during the Scottish war for independence.

A young Scots girl cannot find a man who appreciates a headstrong plain woman. A small group of Knights Templar escape to Scotland to hide and start new lives. Among them is a young man, a ward of the Master of the Temple. The men have brought a treasure to Scotland. In exchange for a large share of the treasure, the knights may marry and be adopted into certain clans. No one must know of the agreement. Each man has a duty to the clan they are adopted into, and a duty owed to Robert The Bruce.

One young man has been with the Templars since the age of ten. He knows nothing of relationships or women. Their wedding is a business arrangement. Having no experience of sex or marriage, the young couple make a game of loving and learn of life together.

Highland Light is the first book in the MacGrough Clan series.

Highland Light (The MacGrough Clan #1) by Cherime MacFarlane Bare Wires (The MacGrough Clan #1.5) by Cherime MacFarlane Wired For Sound (The MacGrough Clan, #2) by Cherime MacFarlane North by Northeast The MacGrough Clan Book 3 by Cherime MacFarlane Rhythm and Blues (The MacGrough Clan #4) by Cherime MacFarlane Family Knots (The MacGrough Clan Book 5) by Cherime MacFarlane The Templar's Treasure (The MacGrough Clan Book 6) by Cherime MacFarlane The Twisted Laird The MacGrough Clan Book 7 by Cherime MacFarlane

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Cherime MacFarlane | 1 comments Since It's Sunday here and my time zone is out of the main stream, I'll be in and out.
I understand some people have a difficult time with dialect in novels, but I couldn't help it. I married a Weegi (Glasgow) boy and listening to him and his relatives when they got together left me no choice. But I did it with as light as touch as I could manage. Honest.
Got questions? I might have answers. And this is not the only kind of romance I write.

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A.M. Nestler MSW (amnestler) | 110 comments Happy CyCon, Cherime!

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