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message 1: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale .

message 2: by Empress X (new)

Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) Mystic walks in looking around to see if there was anyone there. But no not one person around.

message 3: by Empress X (new)

Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) Aremania walks in with a freind.

“Hi!” Mystic shouts excited that there was visitors.

[Forgot Mystic was here... lol]

message 4: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale (oh yah)

"Hey! It's Mystic, right?" asks Lea already knowing the answer.

message 5: by Empress X (new)

Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) Ya! What’s your name?! Mystic asks

message 6: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "Lea," she said. "And I bet you've met Aremania already! But if you haven't, then this is her."

message 7: by Empress X (new)

Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) Yeah I’ve met her a little but not alot if you know what I mean... Mystic responded

Yeah we’ve met Aremania said.

Have you enjoyed the castle? Mystic asked and looked around.

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Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "Oh, I love it, I have been here for a while already so I know everywhere," she said.

message 9: by Empress X (new)

Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) Okay, I haven’t explored a lot of places I’ve only been here for two years. I don’t know if that’s alot. Mystic said

message 10: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "Well, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't," she said.

message 11: by Empress X (new)

Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) “How was your experience?” Said Mystic, looking at Aremania clearly talking to her.

message 12: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Lea also looked at Aremania waiting for her to answer

message 13: by Empress X (new)

Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) “Oh umm sorry.” she said, startled. Good, good and zoned out again.

message 14: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Lea shook her, "Come on, you need to be more involved," she said.

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Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) “Sorry I was just thinking... what’s your favorite place of the castle?” She said
Both of you.

message 16: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "I like the Gardens and the Tower," she said.

message 17: by Empress X (new)

Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) I like the dining hall. Mystic said

I like the woods. Aremania said, not saying why because she didn’t want to be weird.

message 18: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "Both of those places are amazing," she said in agreement. "And I love food, and nature."

message 19: by Empress X (new)

Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) And the Courtyard! Mystic said, fast and smiled.

message 20: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "Courtyard, yes I agree, it is totally amazing," she said. "So I really like the entire castle."

message 21: by Empress X (new)

Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) Aremania agreed noddedand said “yeah it is pretty cool like the castle.”

And Mystic just shook her head a little.

message 22: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "What, Mystic?" she asked, "Do you not like the castle?"

message 23: by Empress X (new)

Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) “Not really.” She quietly wispered.

message 24: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "Why not?" she asked.

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Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) “I just don’t like it!” she snapped, and ran away not liking the questioning.

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Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) “Shesh.” Aremania wispered to herself.

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Empress X (ladywhospeaksinpoetry) “Ima go.” Aremania said “I have Math.”

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