What Secrets May Say What Secrets May Say question

"What Secrets May Say" a worthwhile reading.
Bobby Joyner Bobby Mar 22, 2018 09:09AM
Although I am only at the beginning it is obvious this is a worthwhile reading. Chris is obviously a very talented writer and I will have much more to say in a few days. I have been in the hospital and undergone a long and serious surgery. Now I'm in recovery and not feeling my best. Notwithstanding I've read enough to understand good creative writing skills that reflect a universal theme that apply to all of us. I look forward to writing a review on Chris's work, thus far it is an amazing read.

Hi Bobby. Thank you so much for your comments. Sorry that I've taken so long to reply. I hope you've made a full recovery and look forward to hearing your thoughts when you complete the book. All the very best.

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