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There can be five members from each grade on the debate team.
Each grade has their own team.


Character Name:
Reason for joining Debate:
Debate example (does not need to be huge)

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Name: Ava
Character Name: Kathleen Aurisse
Grade: 10
Reason for joining Debate:
Kathleen greatly enjoys debating, usually wins her arguments and has great general knowledge. Generally, she prefers the position of 2nd Speaker, but can also do 3rd.
Debate example:
((topic being 'that computers should have more controls' and her being Negative 2nd))
"The opposition has stated that computers should have more controls as it will allow parents to better care for their children. They are incorrect, as controls often malfunction, leading to children being unable to complete perfectly harmless homework. This is a detriment to both their education and mental health, as I will discuss in my points. The opposition's second speaker stated that 'controls are beneficial in teaching children to remove distractions', but this is a drastically flawed argument, and controls on computers do not, in fact, assist children in developing this skill, instead preventing them!"
((Rebuttal, or at least part of it))

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