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Request to rp a bisexual role play.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 83 comments Guy A’s life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but it’s not terrible either. The only real setbacks he has in life is the fact that his father is never around, and when he does come around, he’s usually a jerk to his son. Luckily, they only see each other a few times a year. Guy A hates his father with a passion. The other thing that seems to be a problem in his life is, he’s gay. Oh, and not only is he gay, but Guy B is his boyfriend. The two of them have been together for about a year.
Guy B’s family is fine with him being gay/bi/etc. (Whatever you choose). He does have set backs, he is a bit rash and jumps to conclusions pretty fast. He has a bit of anger issues that he tries to control when he’s around Guy A, as his boyfriend doesn’t like loud noises, and doesn’t want to be hit. And Guy B doesn’t want to hit him, so he tries to control it. Guy B has gotten into trouble a lot because of his violence towards people who piss him off, but has found a new way to get rid of the homophobes.
PDA. Yes, the two of them are a strong believer in showing their love for one another. Sometimes, when it turns bad because of jerks that go to the school, Guy B takes over since Guy A is smaller and doesn’t have much muscle mass.

They have known each other for most of their lives, and they are in love. What will happen when Guy A’s father finds out? Or when he has to go visit? What happens if Guy B accidently hits Guy A out of his fits of rage? Accept and let’s find out.

((We can add more to it, and if you have anything you want to throw in there, it’s fine. This is a romance though! There can be some heartbreak, and maybe them even breaking up later (And getting back together, sorry, I don’t do long term break ups. ;) ))

~Must write a paragraph or more. Preferably more.
~Must be detailed.
~Must have good grammar
~ I am guy A.
~You are guy B.
~This will be a cute romance.
~Will go to PM (sex, foreplay, etc.)

Any questions?

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Chris wrote: "I would like to have a bi Rp with three people anyone willing to do this."

I would :)

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Yup okay :)

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 83 comments I'll do it with you two, if you'd like.

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That's fine with me :)

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 83 comments Sweetness.

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Cool okay who's making the thread?

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Yes, but anyone can make threads

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posted it

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Dolphin lover (callmeava) | 3 comments Anyone

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 83 comments There's two different ways for this roleplay to go as.

The first is:

It's modern day and there is a group of six kingdoms that are all next to each other and are at peace with one another.One of those kingdoms are where you live. Muse A is a prince/princess and Muse B is the butler/maid that serves them at every waking moment. They're sort of like a manager for them as well. The two of them start to fall for one another but neither of them make it known to the other. That is until something big happens, the castle bieng bombed by a rebel group that wants to bring down their kingdom. The two end up saying their feelings on accident and soon their forbiden romance begins.

The second:

The only real difference is that they can be elves or faries.


Be detailed, at least a paragraph her post.
I would like to be Muse B.
This can go into PM or we can skip, I'm not picky. I only like going to PM if it's benifitial to the plot though.
This can be done in any parings.
History is a must. (They would know almost everything about each other since they would have been together for most of their lives.)

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