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UNSOLVED: One specific book > I think contemporary romance with cheating and a kid, the rich H & parents, that also went through cheating.

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Katja (katjat) | 1 comments I think it was a couple of years ago I read it, but I don't remember which year it was released. The tone is very Rachel Gibson, Susan Mallery kind. It's about a couple of course, and I think there's cheating or at least the H thinks something like that, cause what I remember best from the book is this scene, where he visits his parents to get some advice and catches them role playing :D I especially remember mother with french maid outfit. Than he speaks with his father and that's where he finds out that his mother cheated on his father because of attention neglect from him. The H wants to know if he can live with that and gets an answer(kind of) from father that, not that he was ok with it, but since then, his wife has been trying to make up for cheating and they've had an amazing life or something like that.
That's what I remember the best from the book, that role playing and shock from the H when he sees his mother. It was hilarious.
So Please, if somebody knows which book I'm talking about, could you give me a holler.

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Katja, please add some plot details to your header since thousands of members are also looking for Contemporary romance.

When did you read it?

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