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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((here fairy))
Emmaline walked up to the fist and looked around, "Jacob, I don't see any secret passages." She walked around, confused.
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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((NIF :) ))

"That's the point" Jacob said climbing on top of a rock "Your not supposed to see secret passages right?" He grinned and looked around too see anything out of the ordinary. It was a bit tricky but he must admit, Jacob climbed some more up the rock hill and noticed a small opening between two rocks. Unfortunately it was too small to poke your head through but could he try and use magic to move the rocks? "Hey Emmaline" He waved "Over here".

Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments "What did you find?" She ran over and looked at the small hole he was inspecting, "there is no way we're going to be able to fit through that hole." After looking around she picked up a stick and shoved it into the hole, trying to move the rocks out of the way. She successfully moved some of them before she accidentally dropped the stick into the hole. "Darn it," she said, "What do we do?"

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments Jacob frowned, he really didn't want to move the rocks his specialty lied on ice not telekinesis.....he had to try "I can try to move the rocks " He said "But I'm not sure" He looked down the hole and saw Emmaline's stick. Jacob gave a sigh.

Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments "Is there anything I can do to help?" she winced, she was an Aphrodite kid, basically useless in every situation. She took a step back and watched as Jacob started trying to move the rocks.

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments He tried to feel the pull of the rock, this difficult since rocks didn't have any spirits or magic, darn. "I think" Jacob said "I'll be fine for now" He placed out both of his hands on the rock and tried to connect the strings like a wire to a hook. Jacob felt the rock was working....he just needed to focus more....a bit....more.... the rock started shaking wildly but he ignored it....he was close.

Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Emmaline gasped, "you're almost there be careful!" She leaned in and peered into the widening hole. "I could probably make it through now."

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments Jacob stopped controlling the rock and left it a dangerous angle but he was relieved the pressure was off now. He glanced at the hole, he wouldn't fit but Emmaline could "It seems wide enough for someone like you" Jacob said "YES!" He cheered momentarily but then stopped noticing he was making a fool of himself.

Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments "But you won't fit," Emmaline looked at him, "do you think I'll be able to move stuff from inside so you can come to?" She moved toward the hole and sat down with her legs hanging inside the hole. After wiggling herself through she dropped to the ground and looked up at him with a huge smile on her face.

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments Jacob looked around for a stick, once he found the right size which was a pretty large and long stick, he tossed it down the hole. "Use that and try to move the rock if you can" He said with a grin forming.

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Emmaline took the stick and tried to widen the hole with it. After a few minutes she managed to knock down the rock. She dropped the stick and stood back so that Jacob could jump in next to her. "Come on," she turned to look around the tunnel, "you brought a flashlight, right?"

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments He jumped in causing a minor pain in his ankle, Jacob winced "Flashlight?" He said confused....wait he didn't forget the flashlight did he? Jacob recalled the bag with was back up there....Darn "The bag" Jacob said feeling stupid. He made his best to climb back up the rock but he kept slipping, he turned to Emmaline "The bag is back up there" He mentioned "I'll lift you up and you'll fetch it ok?"

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Emmaline laughed, "Ok," she stepped into his cupped hands and pulled herself back up through the hole. "Where is it?" She looked around, confused, "I don't see... oh wait there it is," she grabbed the bag. When she had squirmed back down into the hole she landed next to Jacob, so close she could feel his breath in her ear. She blushed and stepped back, "Um, you ready to go?"

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments "Uh...yes" Jacob said and took the bag from Emmaline grabbing out the flashlight. His mind wandered off, Emmaline's face had turned rather red...was she forming a fever? or was she really that winded? He moved the thought away. Emmaline was fine, he was sure.

((Jacob can't take a hint))

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((earhvblejbvhakvakyvle))
Emmaline's jaw almost dropped, he hadn't thought that was a little uncomfortable? She shrugged, at least she didn't have to feel awkward anymore because she knew that had been an accident. "Lead the way," she said.
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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((Lol))

Jacob threw a smile at Emmaline and made his way down the tunnel but then stopped turned back to Emmaline who was behind him and offered his hand "Don't wanna lost you in the tunnels now" He said grinning.

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((happy?))

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((lol yup))
Emmaline took Jacob's hand, now she was just confused. Being an Aphrodite kid she could usually figure people out pretty fast, she was exceptionally good at understanding what made a person tick. Jacob was different, he was one of the few people who remained a mystery to her. "I'm not worried about it," she said smiling.

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments They walked together down the ominous dark tunnel. In one hand Jacob's flashlight was being held and was guiding the way while the other held Emmaline's, he felt something with their hands connected like a feeling of coordination and balance....He shook his head a bit, what was he even thinking? Jacob felt like a fool....but what in the world of gods where these feelings?

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((MUAHAHAHA.....Ahem))

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((oh my I shouldn't have complained lol))
Emmaline tried not to stumble as she looked around at the tunnel, "this is so cool," she said, moving so that she was standing next to him.
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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments (( Nooo :C.....Byeeeee))

"Ditto" He said turning to look at her and accidentally brushing his shoulder against her own. Jacob held his breath for a moment, gods why. They continued downward and soon enough he could hear water rippling?

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Emmaline went forward toward the watery sound, "come on Jacob let's go see what that is." She pulled at his arm, keeping her hand in his. She felt a connection between them that she hadn't ever felt before and she loved it.

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments Jacob felt something with Emmaline that he never had with anyone else........He couldn't describe it but one word could...wonderful?...maybe... They both continued walking down the tunnel till the sound of water became rather obnoxiously loud. Jacob turned around a corner and saw a pond? Ann underground pond? "What the..." He murmured, confused. ..

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments "A pond? What?" She looked at Jacob to see if he knew what was going on, but he seemed just as confused as she was. She walked toward the edge of the water, letting go of Jacob's hand in the process. Instantly she felt a sense of loss, the warmth she had felt from him was gone, along with their connection. She held her hand close to her body and crouched at the edge of the pool. She heard Jacob come up behind her and she fought the urge to turn and embrace him, her longing to be held and loved drowning the rest of her senses. She shook her head slightly, what on earth was she thinking? She had just met him and she had probably just been imagining the connection between them.

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments (((AH THANK U,THERE'S SO MANY TOO))

Jacob placed a hand on Emmaline and drove her a bit closed to his side. " the world?" He said " How on earth is there an underwater pond!? " Jacob glanced at Emmaline, unsure of the situation.

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((lol the power of pinterest))

Emmaline stiffened a little bit when Jacob pulled her close, but eventually she leaned into him, sighing contentedly. "It's beautiful," she said, letting her hand trail in the water. She didn't want to ever move, how had this happened so fast?

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((did you leave?))

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((NO just had lunch))

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((ah I see))

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((Sorry))

Jacob felt like embracing Emmaline and stay rooted to this spot forever with her and watch the water. "Do you think the water is clean enough for a swim?" He said seeing the water ripple from the movement Emmaline was going doing with her hand.

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((nononono lol its fine I have dropped out of existence for days at a time lol))
Emmaline's ears perked up, "it should be, do you want to?" Excitement filled her to the brim until she felt like it was oozing out her ears. "I love to swim." She looked at him, eyes sparkling, as she waited for his answer.

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((Lol, thank u))

"Me too" Jacob said giving her a bit smile " I think that'll be nice" He gavs a playful wink and approached to the pond more closely.

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Emmaline stood up and took a few steps backward before running and jumping into the water, clothes and all. She surfaced, smiling, and looked back at Jacob. When she saw how wet the splash had made him she hid a giggle. "You coming?"

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments "Yeah! Just a moment" Jacob said and felt his face grow hot as he glanced at the appearance of Emmaline's wet body, his heart thumped heavily. He turned away before repeating Emmaline's same movements to hit the water except just as he jumped he tried to spin but it failed making him land head first into the water.

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Emmaline gasped a little when she saw him try to spin and hit the water head first. Had he been trying to show off? "Jacob?" she said tentatively, "are you ok?"

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments The pond was deeper than he expected. He struggled quite a bit underwater but managed to submerged back from the water feeling the air back. "Holy gods!" He exclaimed panting " Yeah, I'm ok but darn it's deep down there! " Jacob grinned and swam closer to Emmaline.

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Emmaline let out a breath that she hadn't known she was holding. She looked at the water around her, trying to see where it went. "I'll be right back," she swam downward, accidentally hitting Jacobs foot with hers. She could barely see anything so she kept her hands in front of her. Just as she was about to go back up for air, she felt the bottom of the pool. It seemed to be covered in pebbles and she grabbed a handful to look at when she got back up. Now her lungs were screaming for air so she turned around and swam up, struggling near the top, right before her head broke the surface. She took a huge deep breath before opening her hand to look at the rocks. They were polished smooth and had a shine to them, even though they were normal rocks. "They're kind of pretty."

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments "Your right almost like..." Jacob examined them and glanced at Emmaline for a quick moment "Like pearls even..." . What if this pond had more to treasure or more strange things like these rocks even?

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Emmaline swam over toward the bank and put the rocks on dry ground. Then she turned back to him, "What do we do now?" Looking around, she could not see another bank, just two walls and open space.

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments "Want to keep exploring the pond?" He suggested, moving closer to Emmaline " I mean we're already wet... ".

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments He was so close to her she could feel one of his legs bumping hers as he kicked to stay afloat. Her breath was caught in her lungs but she managed to say, "Yeah, let's go." She looked at him, he wasn't drop-dead gorgeous but he wasn't bad looking either. She blushed and looked down again.

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((Elise?????))

Jacob placed a hand on Emmaline's shoulder and have her a sly grin "Whenever you say go" He said.


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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((gave*))

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((HEY YOURE BACKKKKKK))

Emmaline smiled shyly and turned away, "come on." She kicked her legs and dove under the water.

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments Jacob quickly pursued Emmaline under the water. He choked for a moment before moving along to the bottom of the lake.

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Emmaline swam until her arms started to get sore but she still didn't see another shore. Suddenly scared she looked around, "Jacob? Where are you?" He was nowhere to be seen and she started to panic before taking a few deep breaths, it was going to be fine. She rolled over and floated on her back, kicking her legs to give her arms a rest. Soon she felt stone under her feet and stood up on a large stone island surrounded by water. She still couldn't see Jacob.

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments Jacob struggled to breath, his moves were sluggish but he tried to resurface but he felt some weight pulling him down. He couldn't see Emmaline anywhere, where did she even go? He was following her but it seems she....A tug by his leg, he glanced down to see some weird seaweed wrapped around his leg, slowly he untangled himself and continued swimming towards the surface....why did it seem so far away? This lake isn't to deep....right?

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Fairy (magicpotatorp) | 444 comments ((breathe*))

message 50: by Arya Dröttningu (last edited Jul 23, 2018 07:54PM) (new)

Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Emmaline was starting to freak out so she took a deep breath and ducked her head under the water. She saw a shape close by and she swam down toward it, hoping it was Jacob. When she got down she saw Jacob trying to move but something was pulling him back that he didn’t seem to notice. She grabbed his hand and pulled but it didn’t help. She swam down farther and noticed something wrapped around his leg. She pulled it off and the two of them swam to the surface of the water.

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