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Principal: No guests after 10 pm, and i will remind you, the secretary does check on the dorms weekly. If you have any concerns or need help, don't come to me, im busy. Ms. Yuki Cadwell will be available though.

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Angie (goodreadscomangie) Magnolia walks into the dorm. It's bigger than she expected. This is so exciting! She feels her hand heat up like it always does right before a tiny flame flickers to life in her hand. Right before that tiny flame turns into the something bigger and more dangerous. She clenches her hand, making it into a fist, and takes a deep breath. Not now. She looks around the dorm, her copper wings glimmering in the sunlight coming in from the window. Where are the other girls? "Hello?" she calls out.

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Angie (goodreadscomangie) No one answers her, so she leaves her stuff and heads to the forest.

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