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Tayma  | 1163 comments Name: Elizabeth Grant
Age: 17
Year at camp: 6
Godly Parent: Athena
Claimed? Yes

Appearance: [image error]

Written description: Ellizabeth has olive green eyes. She has dark blond hair. She's 1.70 cm long. She wighs 110 pounds.

History: Elizabeth was raised by her step-mother, since her dad used to travel alot because of his job as an archaeologist. Ellie would see him every month when he comes to spend time with his daughters and wife, but she never met her mom. Neither did she find pictures of her in the family album. She didn't even know her name. One time he got her a stone necklace which she wore permenantly. Elizabeth loved her dad, but she hated not spending much time with him. When Elizabeth was 15, she always heard a woman's voice talking to her in her dreams. "Be wise, Go south" the woman's voice would say. Elizabeth escaped and went south. She spent two years trying to reach south, and one day, she found a pinetree on a hill.

-Mr. Mark Grant. Elizabeth's father. 54 years. Archaeologist. Loves his daughters more than anything but is forced to travel alot.
- Mrs. Anne Grant. Elizabeth's step-mother. 51 years old. Anne took care of Elizabeth to show Mr. Grant that she can be better than whoever Elizabeth's real mom was, but, ofcourse, she loves her own daughter only.
-Victoria Grant. Elizabeth's step-sister. 23 years old. Victoria studies computer science in college. She's been more than a sister to ellie for many years.

Personality: Elizabeth is understanding, trustworthy, and strong. She always likes to try her best in everything. She likes things to be in order. Ellie likes reading books and writing poetry. She also loves learning new languages.

Weapon of choice: Any Celestial bronze dagger.

Fatal flaw: Deadly Pride

- Spiders.
- Oblivion.
- Losing people.

- Persuading with reason (Not charmspeak)
- Battle strategy
- Making plans

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She's too old to be a first year canper

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Tayma  | 1163 comments How do I edit

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Tayma  | 1163 comments on the app

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Are you on the app

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Tayma  | 1163 comments Yes

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You can't edit on the app

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Tayma  | 1163 comments Ok can u just consider it 6 yrs at camp till I edit?

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Uh sorry but no approval until it's edited

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Tayma  | 1163 comments Ok but it might get editted after a few hrs

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Tayma  | 1163 comments :)

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Tayma  | 1163 comments Approved?

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Tayma  | 1163 comments :)

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