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((This is a werewolf role play. I decided to create it since this isn't just a Vampire role play. ;) You can join if you want.))

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Silver steped into the moonlit pond and wove her fingers through her hair as the wolves approached.

The wolves stopped around her forming a circle and bowed their heads.

"Welcome young ones." Silver's voice blended with the suroundings making the wolves relax.

"I'm sure you all are wondering why you are here. Yes?" The black wolf took a step forward and changed into her human self.

"Yes Master", she spoke as the wolves nodded. Silver smiled and flicked her fingers, making a pattern of silver appear on the girls skin.

The girl gasped and changed back to admire her marking of the second in command.

"You are brave young Star." Silver smiled at the girl and then turned to smile at her pack.

"Tonight we hunt", she yelled as a chorus of howling took place around her.

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((I'm thinking about combining this roleplay with the other one, because I wanted to bring vampires into it. What do ya think?))

Josh was running patrol around the forest. Bored, as usual. Nothing, as usual. Josh thought to himself, he rolled his eyes.

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((Sounds cool with me♥))

"Joshy", Silver called. The massive wolf formed in front of her in a matter of seconds.

"Retrieve the others." He nodded his head and ran to do his task. She smiled after him. There was something very important she had to tell her pack.

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Andy ((So, are we not writing in this one? Or writing in both?))

Nick drove home after the bloodsucker had startled him and Miranda in the forest. He couldn't stand them-- they were wretched creatures he hadn't knowingly seen any before then, but he knew he hated them more than anything else that ever existed... He turned the music on to calm down, he didn't want totransform, and break his new truck.
He had just recently turned into a were-wolf, and he couldn't control it yet.
He pulled into the garage of his house, where his dad was working under his own truck.
'good day?' he asked.
'No, I met a leech.' He snarled before running into the house.

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Silver knew that it would be awhile until Josh would return with the others so she got up and ran to one of their newest members house.

She arrived at the house for it to be opened by an old pack leader. "Good evening. Is Nick home", she asked stepping into the house noislessly.

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Andy Nick heard someone ask for him at the door. He snarled. He knew the smell, he had smelled it before, but he couldn't put a finger on it.
A girl stepped into the living room, where he sat reading a book. 'Of course... it's you.' He said. He stood up and guided Silver to the porch swing just outside the back door to talk.

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Soumya Drew walked down a street with her suitcases and a backpack. She looked around trying to find her destination.

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Soumya ((Is it okay if I rp her here? She's a human.))

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((cool with me.))

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"Hello Nick. I trust you have been well", she said sitting down on the swing. It had been awhile since she had been out to see anyone.

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Soumya Drew looked around and sighed. She couldn't find the house. She wondered if she was on the right street. She knocked on a random door.

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Rochelle walked up to the girl and smiled. "Hello. What's your name?"

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Soumya Drew turned around and looked at Rochelle, " this chaple street?"

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"Um...not sure", she said with a smile. "I'm new to these parts too. May i ask where it is you are headed?"

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Soumya "i'm looking for house number brother won't pick up his phone," Drew said.

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Rochelle smiled and closed her eyes reliving her memories. Remembering that she had passed by a house number 20 she opened her eyes and pointed to the east. "I believe that house number twenty is that way", she said with a grin.

"Mind if i tag along?"

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Soumya "Thank you," Drew said, "Of course you can."

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Picking up her pace she said, "So where are you coming from?"

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Soumya "London," Drew said.

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"Oh! London is wonderful...but why are you here then?"

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Soumya "I came here to live with my brother, his wife, and their child," Drew said.

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Rochelle gave Drew a curious glance. "So why are you moving here?"

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Soumya "My parents passed away and I have no other relatives other than my brother...and he also wants me to stay with him," Drew said.

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"Oh. I'm so sorry", she said sadly. "Did you ever visit before this?"

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((Would you join and roleplay in my group?))

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Soumya ((Okay, but I might leave. It depends, if I'm really active I might not, but If i'm not, then I'll have to leave because I might not have much time to get on during school year and I'm trying not to be in too many groups. post the link.))

"Yea, once last year, for his wedding," Drew said.

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'This poor girl' Rochelle thought. "This must be quite a change for you."

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Soumya ((you can put thoughts in italics, you put what you want to say between , like this.))

Drew walked up to the door and rang the door bell. Ian opened the door, "Drew!!"

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((I didn't understand that..lolz♥))

Rochelle froze. "Um...hi", she said to Ian.

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Soumya ((sorry.))

Ian looked at Rochelle, "Hi."

Ian looked at Drew, "What are you doing here?"

Drew looked down, "mom and dad died in an accident."

Ian looked at her, "what?"

Drew looked at him and hugged him.

Ian hugged her back, "Why didn't you call me?"

"I didn't know what to do at the time. Dad gave me money for a plane ticket to here before he died. I remembered your address and came here. I called you an hour ago when I landed, but you didn't pick your phone up. I tried again a few minutes, but you still didn't pick up, "Drew said.

Ian took her inside and motioned to Rochelle to come in. "I'm sorry. We went out and I forgot my phone at home. I should have given you Iris's number just in case."

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Rochelle walked in and looked around the house. It was weird being invited into someones home. Nobody ever trusted her enough to let her come in. Not that she couldn't come in in the first place but it still felt wierd.

"Nice place", she said lamely.

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Soumya "Thanks," Ian said.

Drew pulled back wipping her tears away.

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Rochelle put a hand on Drew's arm. I hope she feels better.

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Soumya Drew smiled at Rochelle. Iris walked into the room and looked at them.

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Rochelle smiled and said, "Hi."

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Soumya Iris looked at Rochelle and smiled, "Hello." She looked at Drew, "Hey, when did you get here?"

"Just now," Drew said giving her a hug.

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Rochelle sighed at their embrace. She wished she had a family. Her whole family was changed then killed by the ones who did it and was raised by them...before she ran away that is.

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Soumya Drew pulled back and looked at Rochelle, "Iris, Ian this is Rochelle."

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Rochelle looked up at her name to see everyone looking at her. She squirmed uncomfortably. "Hi."

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Soumya "Hey,"the both said. A crying sound came. Iris ran over to another room and picked Joey up and brought him over to where everyone was.

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Rochelle stared at the baby and smiled. "He's adorable", she said to Iris and Ian.

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Katie | 3 comments and then nodded in agreement

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((Hi...ummm who's ur character?))

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Soumya Iris smiled, "Thanks...Joey wave." She picked his little hand and gently moved the hand in a waving motion.

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Rochelle smile widened. "Adorable", she said again.

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Soumya "Want to hold him?" Iris asked.

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Rochelle looked up shocked. "Um...sure", she said after a moment. Holding out her arms she took Joey into them and smiled. This was odd for her but strangely comfortable. She tickled Joey's tummy and cooed. "Adorable", she whispered.

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Soumya Joey laughed looking at her with wide eyes.

Iris smiled.

Drew looked at Rochelle and smiled, "Do you live around here?"

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Rochelle tore her eyes away from Joey to look at Drew. "No. But i wish i did."

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