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Mimi 'Pans' Herondale .

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Yuki walked up behind her. "Hello." she said.

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"So. Do you want to see if there are any mysteries around here that may need to be solved?" she asked.

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"Yeah. That would be a lot of help." she said.

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Yuki began to look around, half expecting to find some sort of secret passageway.

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Yuki didn't find anything but a rose bush. "Lilith! Did you find anything?" she asked.

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Yuki went over to her. "Oooh. Could this be a secret passage way?"

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((I gtg clean.))

"Awesome! Mystery awaits!" she said in and excited voice.

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Yuki followed behind. She looked at the walls, making sure they didn't miss any kind of patterns or writing that they may need. "Awesome! I feel like a spy from my book!" she chimed.

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Yuki stopped to look the wall. She put on her glasses and took out a flashlight so she could see better. There was writing, but it was in a different language.

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"Yeah.... I can't really read it, but it looks familiar. I think i saw it somewhere. Can you read it?" she asked Lilith. Yuki only recognized a few words, though she didn't know what they meant, but she knew she's seen it somewhere, somehow.

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"Demon language? That might be why i recognize it. I remember one of the doctors showing me something written in demon language when i was little." she said, recalling one of her few memories from the Orphanage's Laboratory.

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"That's cool." she said, as she looked at the pictures that were drawn by the writing. "Is... This a princess?" she asked, as she looked at a small drawing of a girl.

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Yuki took a few pictures of the encryptions on the wall with her camera and then looked down the passage way. "Should we continue to see where this passage will bring us?" she asked.

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Yuki turned into a small kitten at the last second, avoiding the spears.

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"That... was close." she said, transforming into her Meifwa form, so her reflexes would be faster, just in case, you know, something tried to cut her head off.

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"Yeah." she said. "I just hope there wont be any more traps." she sighed.

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"Yeah. But I dont think I want another spear coming through trying to give me a haircut." she said, laughing a bit.

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Yuki followed behind, looking around, her senses more sharper than they were earlier.

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"So in order to find out the truth, we must unleash a beast?" she asked.

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"Yeah!" she said excitedly.

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"Hm.I want to know the truth!" she said.

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"Whats wrong?" she asked.

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"And that means?" she asked, generally clueless.

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"Ah. So silver is a bad thing." she said. "Hm. Good things meifwa's basically have no weaknesses, besides fatal wounds and sickness of course. I WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH MAGICAL WALLS. REVEAL THE TRUTH TO ME."

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"Hm? Then use my shadow." she said.

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"Awesome!" she said as she looked at her shadow.

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"Yes mam'" she said, hopping over the pit, landing on her feet on the other side.

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"So. What do we do now?" she asked.

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Yuki looked on the walls as well, trying to find some writing.

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"What does it say?" she asked.

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"And that means?" she asked.

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"Hm. Ok. Solve the riddle then." she said.

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"Hm. Then try your best because neither have i."

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Yuki attacked her tail, which practically had a mind of its own.

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Yuki looked at the sand. "Why are you here sand? Is it a secret?" she asked the sand, as if it could reply. She began to attack the sand.

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"Bleh. I think i swallowed some sand." she coughed.

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"No idea." she said. She fixed her glasses and looked around.

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Yuki turned on her flashlight, but it flickered until it died. "Hello darkness my old friend."

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"Nope. My eye sight isn't the best. I can only see out of one eye as well." she said.

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(Sorry I fell asleep! I'll be checking this again tomorrow morning. Goodnight.)

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"Ok." she said, grabbing Lilly's hand.

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((*Casually Cries in a corner*))

"Hm. I'd say Metallic. Fire is dangerous." she said.

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"Yep." she said.

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((Im watching a AMV of it, Called Pacify her. And I'm dieing, because i remember every episode, and it's only bringing back memories of me wanting to Choke Jackie to death.))

Yuki looked inside. "OK! To the fire wood smell." she said, quickly turning around.

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"I dont want to go in there, The door might close us in and prove my theories that this place is haunted."

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Yuki followed her. "Fire please dont kill us."

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"Hm? Why?" she asked.

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"Whats that?" she asked.

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"Wait. Do they effect meifwa's too?" she asked.

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