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message 1: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale .

message 2: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy walked in and saw the teacher. He was already talking about how to strangle someone.

message 3: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "I think he's awesome," said Adelle as they settled down. "So down to the point and amazing."

message 4: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "Yeah, he scares me." She put her bag down and sat next to Adelle.

message 5: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "I mean, I think that's the point," pointed out Adelle.

message 6: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "You're not scared of him."

message 7: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "No, he would never hurt anyone here so there is no point," she said.

message 8: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "But he's big and talks loud."

message 9: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "Well, that's true but because some people talk loudly and are taller doesn't mean you should be scared," she said.


"Quiet there girls," he called. "Now, would you like to demonstrate the quickest and easiest way to choke someone? Adelle? Remy?"

message 10: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "Um ok."

message 11: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Adelle looked at him, "With hands? Or with voice?" a lot of kids shifted away from her but she ignored them.


"Hands, please, imagine you were empty?" he pointed out.


"Then that would be bad, but ok," she pointed to Remy, "you try first and then I have to try to stop you then the other way around. Ok?"

message 12: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "Ok," She put her arms around Adelle. "Like this?"

message 13: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale (teacher)

"Yep, and Adelle, what do you do?"


As Remy squeezed she sucked in and then the teacher realized what she was going to do, "I said no-" but she let out one small note, Remy stopped squeezing as hard and she slipped away. "But it works," she said, glaring at the teacher.

message 14: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy felt a little dizzy. "Yep. That works."

message 15: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Xing (the teacher) sighed, "You never follow the rules, do you?" and Adelle said, "No, I don't. Gotta problem with that?"

message 16: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy let go of Adelle. "What are you doing?" She whispered.

message 17: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "Hey," she hissed. "It's my way of doing things. If you thought I was the kind of person who did everything everybody told her to, then you were wrong. I do things my way, no matter what any teacher says."

Xing sighed as he looked the the girl Adelle, was she serious? She literally never did anything he said, he turned to the other girl, "your turn to get out of her strangling grip."

message 18: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy was nervous, "Alright." Remy went in front of Adelle.

message 19: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Adelle slipped her hands around her and began slowly squeezing harder and harder.

message 20: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy didn't really know what to do. She elbowed Adelle in the ribs.

message 21: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Adelle hissed in her ear, "try to suck in and make yourself smaller and then slip out, ok?"

message 22: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy nodded, she could do that. She sunk in and got out.

message 23: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "Great!" said Adelle with encouragement, "you did it!"

message 24: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy smiled, "Thanks."

message 25: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "You're welcome," she answered as she sat down again. "Did we do it fine?" she asked Xing and he said, "Remy did, you did not." and she frowned. "BUT I DID IT!"

message 26: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy went to the teacher, "She d-did fine." She said quietly.

message 27: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Xing sighed, "Ok, I'll let you go this time."

Adelle whispered to her, "Thanks."

message 28: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy shrugged and sat down.

message 29: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Adelle shrugged and opened her book and started paying attention to the teacher.

message 30: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy wrote down every little thing he said.

message 31: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Adelle looked so bored she looked like she was going to fall asleep at any moment but was trying very very hard not to.

message 32: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "Hey," Remy whispered to Adelle. "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

message 33: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "I don't know, cuz it wanted to?" she answered. and then said, "Oh, this is supposed to be a joke! No idea."

message 34: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "Because he had a leg to get," She slapped her knee. "HA."

message 35: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Adelle giggled with her even though she didn't really get the joke...but that didn't matter at the moment. She was just going to have fun. Xing glanced at them but her face already didn't have any expression on it whatsoever.

message 36: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy saw that Adelle didn't look like she was about to fall asleep anymore so she went back to work.

message 37: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale In a few minutes her eyes were closing again. Xing stepped in front of her, "Again?" he said. "You seem to fall asleep every day!" and she sighed, "But it's so boring!" she complained and he gave her a 'what are you talking about?' look. "I am going to take that offensively you know," and she sighed. "Fine, I'll try to pay attention." he walked back to the front of the room. And her eyes started closing.

message 38: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy pushed her lightly. "You have to stay awake or you'll get in trouble."

message 39: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale She looked up, blinking the sleepiness out of her eyes, "Uh," she mumbled, "I'm so tired."

message 40: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) "Umm sorry." She turned into a rooster and cockadoodledood next to her ear.

message 41: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "Aaaahhhh!" she screamed and received a glare from the teacher. She glared back.

message 42: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy quickly turned back to her human form and sat down.

message 43: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Xing nodded approvingly at Remy and Adelle glared.

message 44: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy mouthed sorry.

message 45: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Adelle shrugged, she didn't really care.

message 46: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy wrote down what Ling said real quick. Class was almost over.

message 47: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale The minute class was over Adelle jumped out and began to rush out of the room. Xing sighed, "I won't talk to you today, but maybe your friend here can teach you how to start behaving."

message 48: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy looked down as she passed. She looked at Adelle, "I thought you said you loved that class."

message 49: by Mimi 'Pans' (new)

Mimi 'Pans' Herondale "Yeah, I do, when he doesn't annoy me and I can get to sleep," she answered.

message 50: by Arthur (new)

Arthur Lopez (thequiettalkingkid) Remy laughed, "What class do you like that you don't sleep in?"

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