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Kristin B. Bodreau (krissy22247) For April we'll be reading Oh Honey!

I have to say, I'm excited about this one. I am not a telemarketer, but I do work as a Supervisor in a call center. I'm interested to see a book portray a job done almost entirely by phone.

Lynn I just bought it from Amazon. It sounds ... different ... to say the least but I'm game to try (almost) anything once lol Plus in my wanton youth, I actually *was* a telemarketer and yes, I did use a different name (alias) from time to time, ironically. I used the name "Candy" when speaking specifically, with men. And I used a very seductive voice too, and it worked! What was I selling? Car insurance! But it hooked them, at least enough to agree to get an auto insurance quote haha Shameless but true. Ironically that job, hard as it is, was easier than retail work. Retail is hell to me!!

Colleen (eire47cmm) | 2 comments I started the book today, I'm on page 50 something so far. I think its going to be a wicked quick and easy read. So far, its interesting. Another book with short little chapters. I was not a telemarketer but I did work in a call center in my early to mid twenties so I can relate to Jane in that sense. Looking forward to seeing where the book goes and ends up.

Kristin B. Bodreau (krissy22247) I JUST now started this, but already I love the writing. It's very witty and introspective. Working in a call center myself, I can already feel a kinship to this character.

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Kasi (kasireadsjunkandstuff) I finally got around to starting this and I am so mad at myself for not picking it up sooner. It sounded good but it reads even better. I have worked in a call center and I find I don't mind being reminded of the drudgery, surprisingly. I am a big fan of the sparse way that it is written, and you still get the sense that something is building, a tingle of suspense at the back of the brain. Can't wait to see where it all goes! :D

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