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listening to audio books isn't reading- change my mind [debate/discuss]

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message 1: by Marcus (new)

Marcus Damanda | 36 comments Mod
Martina Johnson wrote: "I love audiobooks, don't get me wrong. But there's a certain amount of work and accomplishment and atmosphere that don't come along with listening to audiobooks. They're exclusive to actually readi..."

Audiobooks are entirely their own thing--I'm not posting to change your mind--but as a teacher, I have a number of students who have a paper book open with their earbuds in and they enjoy doing both simultaneously. It's a huge help to them.

When you read on your own, you create from what the author gave you your own idea of the characters, their voices, all that fun stuff. And yet there's an extra--and massive--art being given by the reader of an audiobook that lends itself more to artistic expression and performance than to a mere alleviation of effort on the part of the reader/listener. It's two products in one, and both have a heck of a lot of value.

I love audiobooks, too. There's no arguing it's a different product--and a different experience--than a book on its own in the hands of a reader. Done right, and with the right match of author and narrator, an audiobook is high art and grand entertainment, as well as having literary merit.

message 2: by Raina (new)

Raina Singh | 15 comments I don't see it as 'reading' per se, but rather, 'consuming a book' via a different means.

For books where the writing style of the author leans towards presenting the entire story to the reader, without leaving room for interpretation or imagination, they can be a good way to consume a book - particularly if it allows you to do other activities at the same time (I had a big baking weekend so I listened to audio books while in the kitchen).

Also, I personally have used audio books to get into genres that I don't normally read or am not usually drawn to.

The audiobook I've enjoyed the most has been Trevor Noah's Born A Crime, as the stories are his, the words are his, and layering in his voice added more to the experience.

message 3: by Grazed (new)

Grazed | 1 comments Pretty late for this one - I've thought about it and am coming back after a bit. I consider listening to audiobooks reading, but that's probably because I consume most of my books this way.

message 4: by Alec (new)

Alec | 1 comments It isn’t reading, but it is a related art form. One of my stories was adapted by the NoSleep podcast; Jessica narrated, and it feels different when I listen compared to when I reread it. And as the author it’s both the same and different, like two drawings: One by an artist in seclusion, and another a joint effort.

It’s interesting to listen to audiobooks and especially audio dramatizations(NoSleep itself is a bit of a hybrid). Reading is my first love, but I’ve listened to a few audio books and I enjoyed the experience, though I admit to preferring dramatizations that add something new, and represent more of an interpretation or adaptation as opposed to a straight reading.

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