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Diź (dimal) the biggest of military bases
((comment below))

Queen of The Moon Abby pulled up to the building and turned the car off. She sat stairing at it for a moment really hoping he could get out of this like he said he could.

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Diź (dimal) He looked at the building, sizing it up and trying to see if there was any places to use as an extra escape route. "well im ready when you are" he told her

Queen of The Moon "Okay, lets do this" she nodded and got out of the car, tucking a hand gun in the back of her jeans putting her shirt over it

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Diź (dimal) he got out as she did, his gun was strapped to his right leg and his knife on the back of his belt with his shirt covering it. he closed the door and walked to the front of the car to walk with her

Queen of The Moon "You ready for this?" she asked him

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Diź (dimal) he nodded, "as ready as I'll ever be" he told her crossing his arms

Queen of The Moon "Come on then" she told him and headed for the doors.

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Diź (dimal) he nodded, "right behind you" he said as he followed her, looking around to see if he could spot anything or anyone

Queen of The Moon She walked through the building passing a couple of military men on their way

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Diź (dimal) he walked into the door and stopped, "ahh... Abby?" he said pretend to not know what was going on but slowly kept walking in anyways

Queen of The Moon "Just come on" she told him grabbing his elbow and continuing to walk

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Diź (dimal) he followed along with her as she pulled on him, keeping his pace with her so he wouldn't fall

Queen of The Moon "Keep up" she told him trying not to smile

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Diź (dimal) "yeah" he said now walking along side her, keeping his pace with hers but still looking around as he did

Queen of The Moon "You been here before?" she asked him quietly wondering if this was where his dad worked. She hated how big this place was, the lab was on the 3rd floor and the only way to get there was by taking the stairs at the very back of the building.

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Diź (dimal) he nodded, "yeah, only once though" he replied, "on my first military year, i trained here for a month or two, but i don't remember much of its layout" he said and continued to follow

Queen of The Moon "Ahh, well we are going to the third floor" she told him opening the door for the stairwell and letting him in first

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Diź (dimal) he walked in and waited for her to lead the way, "third floor... that was off limits when i was here... this'll be my first time up there" he said

Queen of The Moon "I always go to the third floor. The lab is up there and that's where I report" she told him

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Diź (dimal) he nodded, "yeah, you are working for the higher up after all, it makes sense that you'll have clearance" he said rubbing his chin

Queen of The Moon She shrugged, she hadn't really thought about it.

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Diź (dimal) he started walking again, slowly so not to walk to fast ahead of her

Queen of The Moon "I wonder if I met your dad" she mused

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Diź (dimal) he chuckled slightly, "probably, he isn't stationed here but he doesn't pop up every once in a while" he told her. "but hey its been like six years so i really dont know, odds are you have" he said

Queen of The Moon She nodded. "So I guess family reunions are a no go with you guys huh."

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Diź (dimal) he chuckled a bit, "it probably would go down from hello to gun point and a shoot out by the end of it" he joked

Queen of The Moon "Wow. So then how exactly were you planning the whole going back and talking to him thing?" she asked as they passed the second floor door

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Diź (dimal) he shrugged, "talk it out i guess" he said. "and if it comes to we'll do a shoot out or a fist fight and talk it over" he said, "like we usually do i guess"

Queen of The Moon "That's awful" she shook her head.

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Diź (dimal) he shrugged, "its not all to bad, we never hurt each other too much to the point of near death or anything like that" he told her, "its just how we are at times"

Queen of The Moon "That's not very reassuring" she told him opening the door to the third floor with a card key.

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Diź (dimal) he nodded, "it'll be okay. i wont start anything unless he does" he told her, "if he's even here"

Queen of The Moon "Okay" she nodded gladly

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Diź (dimal) he smiled to her and walked in through the door to the labs. "where to go next?" he mumbled looking around and waiting for Abby

Queen of The Moon Baby led him to the back where the offices were. She knocked on one of the doors and a man opened the door."Ash you are earlier than I expected dear." he smiled and a couple of men appeared and slapped some cuffs on Brian.

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Diź (dimal) Brian was in a bit of shock, that was faster than he expected. he then started to struggle a bit but stopped after a while remembering where he was

Queen of The Moon "Well you fulfilled your end of the deal so I will hold up mine." he told her and walked to his desk and pulled out three pill bottlesand gave them to Abby. "She needs to take one a day." he informed her. Abby slipped the bottles into her pack and sighed gratefully. She looked at Brian and smiled before she stood on her tip toes and kissed him, slipping the small key to him on her tongue. Sure they would check his body but they wouldn't think to check his mouth. She pulled away Ann walked off. "Nice knowing you" she called before an, disappeared in the stairwell.

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Diź (dimal) once Brian noticed there was a key he quickly moved the key from her mouth to his and next to his cheek, but still kissed back to enjoy it while he could. he groans, "damn, this was a setup?" he asked, "i guess you really cant trust anyone in this shitty world" he said angry and started thrashing about in a fake rage to get out of the two guys grip

Queen of The Moon "Yes well we gave been trying to get our hands on you for quite some time now. Your father will be glad I'm sure" the doctor told him and the men tightened their grip on him and led him to one of the cells on thus first floor.

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Diź (dimal) "my father?" he said in shock, "no no no, you can not tell him im here" he said to the doctor struggling even more. "why have you been looking for me, did my father organize this?" he asked in a demanding way his fake rage still going strong

Queen of The Moon "Yes well we gave been trying to get our hands on you for quite some time now. Your father will be glad I'm sure" the doctor told him and the men tightened their grip on him and led him to one of the cells on thus first floor.

Queen of The Moon The doctor just waved the soldiers on and they continued to drag him down the hall. When they got to the first floor they tossed him into a cell and locked it before walking off.

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Diź (dimal) he fell to the ground and turned yo watch them as they walked away. after they had been gone way for a while he held the key with his teeth to try and see if it was for his cuffs or the cell door or both

((which is it? :p))

Queen of The Moon ((cuffs. its not like she knew they were going to toss him in a a cell. so where are they meeting at?))

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Diź (dimal) ((okay. now how to get him out :p they can meet a few paces away from the base down the road or something))

he put the key in the cuffs and it fit, he took it back out and hid the key back in his mouth, the cuffs were unlocked but looked like they still were locked as he now planned out a way of getting out of the cell

Queen of The Moon ((oh I was thinking as few. days later))

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Diź (dimal) ((ahh okay, yeah that'll be good too. now how to get Brian out :p))

he stood up and started walking around the cell trying to see if there was a way for him to escape fast

((did they take his weapons?))

Queen of The Moon ((you don't have to play out his escape. just post on the highway that its a few days later))

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Diź (dimal) ((lol yeah it completely forgot i can do that :p))

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