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Rio's World by Rayna Felicia Rayna Felicia

Title: Rio’s World
Author: Rayna Felicia
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Formats Available: Epub & Pdf
Time Frame: 4 Weeks


“I’ve tried sarcasm, quick wit, insults, plain old rudeness, and even resorted to running away- Stop laughing, I’m serious! I physically ran away, but Victore seems immune to everything I do. No matter where I am, he’ll show up just to antagonise me.”

“I wish he’d antagonise me, he’s super-hot. Okay okay, I don’t know what to tell you Riona, maybe he just likes to mess with you because you’re the only girl on the basketball team.”

“That makes no sense, he has a slew of cheerleaders to choose from. Did I tell you he actually forbade me to see a guy? Tyrant. I hate that he always seems to know what I’m thinking and- Ugh, sorry, I know I’m venting. I think I’m just extra-cranky because I haven’t been sleeping well.”

“You’re having nightmares again, aren’t you? Rio, the incident happened ten years ago. That’s a long time.”

“I know... but it doesn’t change the fact that Trey’s dead.”

* * *
Riona is a girl with a strange past that haunts her in the form of gut-wrenching nightmares. She tries to put it behind her and enjoy life, traveling with her basketball team, but is soon reminded of the fact that things never go as planned.

Victore Deville. Even his name sounded deadly. Ever since the mysterious ‘all-too-perfect’ specimen of male had shown up with his intense glares and infuriating comments, Rio lost all control of her own emotions and thoughts. Hoping he wouldn't notice his effect, she used her sharp wit and sarcasm to keep him at bay, only to discover that Victore was the only person who wasn't thrown off by her humour.

As the only girl competing in an all boys’ basketball tournament, you'd think Rio would have enough problems. Add to that the crude nightmares, almost romances, crazy teammates, dramatic cheerleaders, hilarious moments and mysterious events, and you've got... Rio's World.

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sent in your request Merel

Rayna Felicia | 2 comments Sent Merel an email! :)

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