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Allan Evans | 12 comments 12-year-old Henry Davenport’s life is about to be turned upside down. Convinced he’s adopted, he takes a DNA test to find out for sure. Henry’s results confirm his suspicions, but raise larger questions when his DNA is listed as half anomaly. That’s like the doctor saying you have an unknown blood type—it can’t happen. With the government believing his 50 percent anomaly is actually alien DNA, a rogue federal agent comes after Henry and makes his life unbearable. But life can take a strange twist and it does when Henry begins to show some unusual abilities. Can the government be right?

Anomaly tells the story of Henry’s search for his origins and his dawning realization that he may not be the normal 8th grader he thought he was. Henry has a choice to make: stay in the shadows or fight back against the agent and risk everything.

Complete at 40,365 words.

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Allan Evans | 12 comments Yeah, I would be interested in trading. I'm at when you're ready.


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