Heartless Heartless question

Who did you like the most/ the least?
Wika Wika Mar 21, 2018 12:10PM
I loved Jest and for the most of the time Catherine but at the end of the book i hated her ugh

I liked Jest, but the ending was so sad! :(

I reaaalllyyy liked Jest, but the Cheshire Cat is my favourite (he's so cute and annoying, I love him). My least favourite was Peter Peter. BLEGH he was the worst.

Nobody else thought Peter Peter was their least favourite??? He was always so grumpy and rude and evilll.

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Emelia I totally agree! he was also kind of creepy
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I liked Jest the most and Hatta the least, he was so cynical.

I loved Jest and at the end of the book I was screaming and crying because it was so good yet so sad. someone please tell me that they bring him back some how!!!!!

I liked Jest the most and the marquess the least. He literally ruined his own daughters life and then at the end had the audacity to say that he only wanted her to be happy.

I have to say Jest was one of the best characters. I hoped for a different ending.

My favorite character (besides Jest): Cheshire
Why: No idea. Just gives off that annoying yet adorable little brother vibe.
Least Favorite (aside from Peter Peter): The King
Why: I always hated how he was getting in the way, even if that was a major part of the book. He was so clueless and it seemed like he only liked Cath because she was pretty and could bake. Not because of her real personality, and I cried my eyes out after the ending and was furious (even though I knew it was going to happen) that Cath actually married the King. I was depressed for like days after finishing the book.

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I enjoined the book. It was a different point of view to know about "Alice in Wonderland" and I really loved it

Wika wrote: "I loved Jest and for the most of the time Catherine but at the end of the book i hated her ugh"
I agree except I like how it ties together the whole alice in wonderland plot and how it is the events leading up to her being the way she is in the currant version

I liked Jest the best( hey that rhymes) because he was super funny and laid back. He didn't really care about what others thought, but his heart was in the right place.

Jest was best because he's sweet, loyal, kind and lovable.
I have to say Cath's mother was the worst because she never cared what Cath wanted, only what she wanted.

Olivia (last edited Apr 30, 2018 05:36PM ) Mar 25, 2018 03:09PM   0 votes
My favorite charecter would be Jest because he is just awsome and least favorite would be The King, he is just like abig baby who needs eveyon to tell him how to act and what to do.

Katrina (last edited Dec 11, 2018 03:43PM ) Dec 11, 2018 03:42PM   0 votes
Jest was definitely my favorite! But besides him, I really loved Cheshire for some reason! I absolutely hated Cath’s mom and the king!!!! But Peter Peter’s is totally my least favorite. I wasn’t a fan of Hatta

Jest was my favourite. He was really funny and he was super chill. I wouldn't mind a white rose on my windowsill...

I actually really liked the book, it made me emphasise for the queen of hearts and how she had reasons to becoming evil. She was only a little girl with a big dream, but in her way she had the king who barely knew her and wanted to marry her. I didn't like the king, he was clueless. I loved Jest, and I really understood Catherine and why she becomes what she is.

I liked Jest the most, and liked the Marchioness and Hatta the least. I was so disappointed by the book overall though :(

I actually wrote a whole review for it cause I was so sad hahah

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