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Halley The Uglies
The book “The Uglies” is an incredible dystopian novel. This book is set in a perfect place divided into two groups, the Uglies and the Pretties. The Uglies go to school and have a normal, boring life, until they turn sixteen. On their sixteenth birthday they receive surgery that gives them the huge eyes, huge lips, and perfect skin of Pretties. The main character, Tally, is almost sixteen, and excited for the surgery that will make her life a nonstop party. But when her friend runs away, she sees a whole different side of her “perfect” society. The decision is hers, help to capture her friend and become a Pretty, or refuse to do so, and stay an Ugly for life. The choice that she makes will knock her perfect world into chaos.

The book, “The Uglies” is such an amazing book. It has an incredible story that you can't stop thinking about, and the way that beauty is portrayed in this book is so unique and really eye-opening. The main character, Tally, sees herself and her Ugly peers as hideous monsters. For instance, she and her friends give each other ugly nicknames like Squint and Skinny, because in their eyes, the only real beauty is from the surgery. It made me stop and think about the way our society views beauty. In society, we see one or two types of people as “beautiful” , and if you are not that type, you aren't pretty. This book is such a good read, and I would definitely recommend it.

message 2: by Noah (new)

Noah Basham Halley, this is so amazing. The world that we live in is so far from perfect, and it is great that there a book to give people a reality check on the fact the people are all different, and that you don't have to look perfect to be perfect. I have one question on the setting of the book. Is this set in future America? Is the author trying to portray that this is what our society is going to look like if we stay the way that we are?

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