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Mid-March Reading Update

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message 1: by Maria (last edited Mar 21, 2018 05:08PM) (new)

Maria | 2 comments I haven't been good at remembering to come and update my reading list lately. Left off in January! Okay, so here's the update. (I'll continue numbering where I last left off, so I can tell the total for the year at a glance.)
(5) The latest book in the Mma Ramotswe series:
The House of Unexpected Sisters
(6) A lovely little meditative poetry book:
Season of the Second Thought
(7) A history of our own local Polonia, the story of the neighborhood my dad, grandparents, and great-grandparents lived in, references to people and places and events that connect with my family's history, pictures that look like our family photos:
Shoulder To Shoulder: Polish Americans In Rochester, New York, 1890 1990
(8) Book about the factors that are contributing to the increased wildfire problem in the west:
Megafire: The Race to Extinguish a Deadly Epidemic of Flame
(9) A quick little read, a YA collection of portraits of women in the Klondike:
Gold Rush Women
(10) Autobiography of a woman who wrote many of the books I most loved when I was a girl:
My Own Two Feet
(11) This year's pick for the annual citywide "Rochester Reads" book program, a memoir of the author's difficult journey from childhood in Mexico to later struggles in Los Angeles:
The Distance Between Us: A Memoir
(12) Just started this one, only a couple chapters into it, but so far an interesting account of the author's family's emigration to the US:
American Gypsy
Also listened to some audiobooks at LibriVox. (Audiobooks count, don't they? But I'll number a separate list for them:
(1) This is one I participated in recording a few years back, and it was so much fun that I just felt like enjoying it again. A wild and wooly tongue-in-cheek account of Dutch New York:
(2) Short collection of essays on literary London in different eras:
(3) Interesting short work from US Fish and Wildlife Service about Bird Migration:

message 2: by Cori (new)

Cori Samuel (cori-samuel) | 2 comments Of course audiobooks count! :D

message 3: by Mary (new)

Mary S. | 20 comments If audio books didn’t count, I’d be in a lot of trouble 🙂

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