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A.F. (scribe77) | 369 comments Mod

Ashley McLeo

Ashley McLeo

Prophecy of Three

It begins with a burning library, a frantic witch, and an enchanted prophecy. It ends with the birth of the three.

Lily Whiplark returned home from college expecting nothing more than an epic summer solstice party followed by months of blissful relaxation after her devastating breakup with her boyfriend Liam. Instead, she's handed a ticket to Ireland to meet her birth family. In the rolling hills of Ireland, Lily's life takes a thrilling turn when she discovers she's one of three women fated to save humanity from an alien invasion. What’s more, the events of her birth are connected to the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria, historical witch hunts in Europe, and even the legendary rift between Adam and Eve. Despite, the promise of danger Lily agrees to train in the magical arts. But will it be enough? Will she be brave enough to learn all that is required to rectify Eve’s betrayal and save humanity from magical otherworldly forces intent on chaos?

Prophecy of Three is the first book in the The Starseed Trilogy series.

Prophecy of Three (The Starseed Trilogy #1) by Ashley McLeo Souls of Three Book Two of the Starseed Trilogy by Ashley McLeo Rogue Fae A Starseed Universe Novella by Ashley McLeo

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Belinda Clemons | 64 comments this series looks so good I'm def putting it on my tbr list

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Ashley McLeo Belinda wrote: "this series looks so good I'm def putting it on my tbr list"

Hope you enjoy it Belinda! <3

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Ashley McLeo Hi everyone! The author here. :) I hope you are having a great time browsing books. If you have any questions for me, or just want to chat hit me up!

All the magic,

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Ashley Martinez (ilovebooksandstuffblog) | 17 comments Hello!

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Maddy | 162 comments How did you come up with the idea for your books?

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Ashley McLeo Ashley wrote: "Hello!"

Hi Ashley! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you're enjoying the conference!


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Ashley McLeo Maddy wrote: "How did you come up with the idea for your books?"

Hi Maddy! Great question! My books are conceived in a mish-mash of inspiration drawn from history, mythology, other stories I've read and loved, and of course imagination. The Starseed Trilogy was largely based off the idea of playing with a creation story (Adam and Eve) and then incorporating witches not as something evil, which they've been historically in many cultures, but as saviors. :)

I'm working on a new series now that is based off "sunken land" myths from around the world, the construct of Faerie, and of course a wide cast of magical creatures that I love. My main character in this new series is still a witch, but I've also branched out to fae and other creatures. It's a TON of fun. I'd tell you the title but I haven't revealed it yet. You can follow me on Goodreads to stay in the know if you're interested!

Have fun at the conference!

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