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Riley Keene

Riley Keene


An ancient force slumbers beneath the holy city of Khule, bound fast by a spell of immeasurable power.

And though none knows this spell’s purpose, or even why it exists, that makes it the perfect find for Athala Dohn, wizard and scholar extraordinaire. Determined to prove herself and finally gain the power she needs, Athala sets off into the dark underbelly of Khule, where more than just secrets lie in wait for her.

To aid her in her quest and protect her from the dangers lurking in the shadows, Athala enlists the help of the Conscript Elise and a barbarian named Ermolt, two companions with as much loyalty as skill…a combination that’s more than a match for their foes.

Or so they think.

Because once Athala learns the truth behind the spell and what it could mean for the world, she knows she’ll do anything to secure it and bring about a brighter future, a new era—the Age of Mortals. And that includes making an enemy of the man who runs the very prison they’ve been trapped in, a sadistic deputy warden with the power to torture them all until Athala reveals what she knows about the spell and how to control it.

Ancients is the first book in the epic Heroes by Necessity series, a Dungeons-and-Dragons-esque take on the fantasy genre overflowing with rich world-building, diverse characters, and heart-pounding adventure.

Ancients is the first book in the Heroes by Necessity series.

Ancients (Heroes by Necessity Book 1) by Riley Keene Bargain (Heroes By Necessity Book 2) by Riley S. Keene

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Riley Keene | 1 comments Ah, er, hi! (This is going great, Keene, keep it up!)

As the booth says, we're Riley S. Keene, authors of the Heroes by Necessity series. It's a 12-book series releasing over the next two years and it's a Dungeons-and-Dragons-ish fantasy story with LGBTQA+ and POC characters.

We wanted to make sure we were writing books we wanted to read - books with lots of action, little romance, and epic moments that made us gasp.

Ancients is our first book ever published, although we have about nine hiding unfinished elsewhere. Some of them will be recycled eventually, but some of them will never see the light of day and you should all be very happy for that.

Last thing to touch on here, you'll notice we're using using "we" as a pronoun for ourselves -- Riley S. Keene is actually a husband and wife writing duo. Riley (my husband, Robert) writes the first drafts and (usually) does all of our social media interactions, while Keene (that's me, Kristen!) usually outlines, edits, and publishes them.

We hope you have a lovely time at B2BCyCon and let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

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