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Face Claims

《Cara Delevingne • Species: Possibly a witch or fairy》

《Ash Stymest • Species: Possibly a demon or vampire》

《Francisco Lachowksi • Species: Possibly a reaper or vampire》

《Sean O'Pry • Species: Possibly a demon or a reaper or a vampire》

《Anne Hathway • Species: Possibly a fairy or a hunter》

《Amanda Seyfried • Species: Possibly Hunter or reaper》

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Make sure to look at the face claim list because Denver has Emma stone

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Also I'm not sure about the other ones, but you should post on the face claim thread that way people know ;)

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Oh I didn't know :)

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Lol okay :)

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I've been told so many times it feels like a lie on top of lies which isn't reality. Reality is that fairies will never win this race among supernatural creatures. We will always have our fault in this very world. In our own very existence.

╔fємιиιиє╗╔fαιяу•'gσσ∂' fαιяу╗╔тωєиту уєαяѕ σf αge╗╔нєтєяσѕєχυαl╗

Disclaimer (view spoiler) (view spoiler)

◣ᐯᗩᒪEᑎTIᑎᗩ ᖇOᔕE ᑕᗩTEᖇ◥
"Hear me roar! For my flames will make sure you can't touch me, my brother, or the rest of my family altogether. If you dare...well you'll know sooner or later wouldn't you?"

Val-en-tina Ro-se Ca-ter
☰Valentina is feminine form of Valentinus which is a famous bearer who was the Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova (1937-) who in 1963 became the first woman to visit space.
☰Rose as a girl's name is pronounced rohz. It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Rose is "rose". Flower name from rosa. The name, which the Normans brought to Britain in the 11th century, can also be traced to the Old German words hros meaning "horse", or hrod meaning "fame, renown". The flower meaning is possibly more valid, given the Christian symbolic meaning of the rose. The "rosa mystica" is the Virgin Mary.
☰The name Cater is part of the ancient legacy of the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Great Britain. The name was taken on by someone who worked as a caterer. The surname Cater was official name, "the cater", derived from the Old French ale catour, a little meaning a buyer of groceries for the gentleman's house. They were in charge of maintaining provisions in minors and castles. The cater's job assumed a great importance during extended sieges of his lord's castle, which could last for years.

Nick Name's: Val, Rosey, Valthenia
Aliases Deadly Beauty 
Place of Birth: Avalon  

I keep searching and searching for my purpose whether it has to do with my own kind of species or not and yet I still haven't found it. Was it love? Was it compassion? Or was it simply not being so depressed all the time?

╔яєαℓ αgє ιѕ: тняєє нυи∂яє∂-тєи╗╔αqυαяιυѕ•♒╗╔ιт'ѕ ¢σмρℓι¢αтє∂• яєℓαтισиѕнιρ ѕтαтυѕ╗

Physical Apparition
Valentina is around 5'2 for height wise. For one she got this from her mother's side of the family even though her whole entire family is made of fairies even though her human appearance shows up on the short side. She doesn't mind it however her body type is like an hourglass and it's not that she hates it or anything but she feels rather on the skinny side and not on the side where your somewhere in between. Perhaps maybe she was born in that type of way is what she thinks. For being a fairy it's not what it's cracked up to be since she appears to be one of beauty and intelligence but quite honestly for her intelligence she feels slightly good and slightly bad as her voice and appearance as in style will change every so often.

Face Claim: Anne Hathway
Hair Colour: Used to be dark brown and now she dyed it to a lilac color
Eye Colour: Brown
Height 5'2" Ft
Weight: 109 pounds
Style: Pants: Royal Bones Jeans
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Most Commonly Seen Traits of Hers

Under Major Construction

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