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Winter (winter9) | 4523 comments Tell us what you thought of the book! You can leave your review here. Even if you read the book outside of the group, please feel free to let us know what you thought of it.

Please make sure to mark your spoilers by typing "[spoiler]" at the start and [/spoiler] at the end but replacing the []s with <>s.

TCampbell | 211 comments I loved this book! It really kept me guessing right up until the end. And I could totally relate to the petty schoolyard politics...I guess every school has its own 'blond bobs'
I like that each character grows and turns out to be multi-dimensional

Joan Barnett | 790 comments I liked this book and I agree the petty schoolyard politics were right on point. I found that part hilarious. I think the book was pretty well hyped so for me it didn't live up to its expectation for me but I still rated it 4 stars. I watched the mini series on it as well and that was a lot of fun. The characters in this book are great.

Jennifer | 95 comments I really liked this book so much more than I anticipated. I expected a shallow tale of catty housewives, and yes, to an extent it was, but in its over the top story there was a thread, or perhaps more like a rope, of truth in how school Mom's behave. It was enjoyable and relatable and good read.

Dania (frenchiestfry) | 70 comments I really loved this book. I've always been a fan of drama on TV, but I didn't expect to like mom drama in books as well. It's very refreshing to see how each character's background was revealed gradually throughout the book, and it really represents people in general: you don't get to know someone from the get-go, and everyone has their own past that makes them who they are today.

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