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Z.D. (ZDLawson) | 4 comments Hey all, first time post.

I am looking for a beta reader for my completed 110K Adult LGBT Dark Fantasy Action/Adventure. It is a gripping tale full of swords & sorcery, gore galore, and kickass ladies, most of whom are of the lesbian or bisexual persuasion. Due to the nature of this book, and the likely demographic that would get the most out of it, I would prefer that the beta reader be either a lesbian or bisexual woman with a lean towards other women.

A warning as to the content in this book:
There will be swearing, violence, blood, death, psychological trauma, and adverse sexual content. Keep in mind, this is not Erotica and sex/romance is not the main focus of this book.

As to my expectations of the beta reader, I require mostly reactionary input. Whether you like something (or if it pops out at you), don't like something (or if it's "meh"), thoughts on the characters and story, or opinions on the world-building. If you feel the need to comment on my flow or point out spelling and grammar corrections, feel free to do so. I welcome any input, as long as you end up reacting to the characters and story. I want to know if the book is an enjoyable experience for you and that is my main priority. Also, I hope those of you interested have a preference for Google Docs.

Here's a blurb I wrote up:

Ash, a mercenary with a dark and troubled past, and an ex-soldier with multiple issues and loose screws aplenty, takes on the apprenticeship of Ebon, a young mage with high hopes for the future, naive to the ways of the world. One of Ash's issues rears its head through a slew of murders that harkens back to her days in the war, straining the new partnership developing between this unlikely duo. All while bringing her ever closer to the brink of insanity.

Set in a a world shaped by an unfortunate series of conflicts that happened long, long ago, called the Massacre Wars, Ash and Ebon must figure out who is responsible for the killings, whether they be elf, dwarf, dragon, or demon. Can their new partnership survive intact? Or will it shatter, destroying the dreams and minds of those involved?

Lastly, a big thank you for anyone that decides to take this up, it means a lot. I hope you have a fun time.

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Z.D. (ZDLawson) | 4 comments Bumping this thread because I'm still in need of that beta reader.

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