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bubblewaffles | 255 comments Plot 3
Muse A is a sorcerer(ess ) who has served Muse B the king/queen loyally for years. The problem? Magic is outlawed and the punishment is death. However Muse B can’t seem to stay out of trouble and Muse A continuously has to risk their life to save them. So what happens when Muse A accidentally reveals their magic saving Muse B? Will Muse B kill them as an example to others, banish them, or will they lift the ban on magic once and for all?


Plot 4
Muse A just recently came out to their parents and they lied saying they had a boyfriend/girlfriend. Well their parents obviously wants to meet the person their child is dating and oh boy now Muse A is in trouble. One night Muse A accidentally summons a demon (Muse B) and in order to get them to leave they have to make a deal, demon laws or whatever. So Muse A asks the demon to be their fake date for the dinner with their parents. The demon agrees in exchange Muse A has to house them for a week. How is muse a going to survive the week and what happens when they start to fall for their temporary roommate?
(This is me smashing 3-4 different tropes together lol)

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Jess | 1670 comments Would you like to do both of them or just one?

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bubblewaffles | 255 comments One of them, I don't think that I'd be able to handle 2.

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Jess | 1670 comments Ok that's fine :) Could we do 3 than?

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bubblewaffles | 255 comments Sure! Would you prefer Muse A or B? And do you want to play a girl or a boy? And which genders would you prefer the two muses to be?

((Sorry for the question overload))

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Jess | 1670 comments I'd prefer Muse A, I'm good with playing either gender so it really just depends on whether you'd rather it be mxm or fxf

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Jess | 1670 comments Also no worries ask as many questions as you need

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bubblewaffles | 255 comments Could they both be female then?

And character sheets. Do you have any templates or outlines?

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Jess | 1670 comments Sure that's fine, nope I just do basics

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bubblewaffles | 255 comments

Queen Calista Juniper Ravenwood
29 × Human × Pansexual × Queen × Single

Callie is has always been a practical person. Sure, she has a good imagination, but she has always acted practically. She is caring, for everyone, and not just her friends and family. She is witty, sarcastic and snarky. These traits seem to mirror the fact that she is brave and unselfish, which most people think are non-existent traits in her. She doesn't really like anything, and due to her near-gothic personality, she cares for her family, and when inside her close circle, she is, in fact, courageous, curious and smart.

She likes to know things and is often told off for being too nosy and stubborn by her peers. She is terrified of death. Even more so than anyone else she has ever met. She has a small hobby, and it is her favorite pastime: dancing. She has had a chance to use that skill at her job, but otherwise, she has no time to do anything. She is good at lying, acting and fighting.
Born to her parents, Rosalind and Daymon Ravenwood, she was just like any other royal that became a queen. Though unlike most other royals, she was practically trained to be perfect. After her parents were killed by magic, she outlawed it and banned it from their country. She needed to manage a huge amount of stress, but the pressure was too much for her that she hired an assistant, who slowly became her best friend.
[mother] Rosalind 35 | deceased | human
[father] Daymon 36 | deceased | human

[bestie] Name ## | alive | sorceress

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bubblewaffles | 255 comments >Hello?<

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