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J.L. | 4 comments Hi Everyone! I have a completed Sci Fi/ Fantasy YA that could use a new perspective. It's the 1st of a 4 part series. 101,549 words. I would need about 3 beta readers, so if you're interested please message me. Thanks for reading!

Description below:

Mongrel was taken away from his home and raised as a soldier before he even knew what death was.

Listen isn’t even her own person, but an “it.” A spiritual being called a keeva, gifted with the world’s knowledge the council uses to rule their world.

Both are trapped in a life they can’t control until Mongrel breaks free. When the two meet destiny will be created and their world will never be the same.

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Alexis | 13 comments Would you be interested in trading?

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J.L. | 4 comments Alexis wrote: "Would you be interested in trading?"

Hi Alexis, sure! Let me know your email and I can send over my story. My email is:

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Alexis | 13 comments Thanks for responding. Mine is

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