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Vodka on the Rocks (Uncertain Saints MC, #3)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. MC romance; alumni volleyball player who plays on her friend's team. [s]

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Angel Joy (ashortrn) | 15 comments I am losing my mind I cannot remember the name of this one either; it revolves around a girl who plays alumni volley ball who coaches a girls team. He biker boyfriend comes to one of their games and when his biker friends ask him why he points to his girlfriend in her short volleyball shorts. Her boyfriend talks to a girl and she hits the ball right toward both of them. They play in a charity game with the MC as a mud volley ball tournament.

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Angel Joy, I've moved your thread down to Unsolved for you, since that's where it belongs.

Now, a few questions--when did you read this? Last month, last year, last decade, last millennium? (Isn't it fun to be able to ask that in all seriousness?)

What is the volleyball player the alumni of--her high school, college, work? What does she do as a "real" job? Or is volleyball coach an actual paying job? There are lots of volleyball teams where I live, but they don't pay their coaches anything.

What format did you read this in--dead tree, electrons, audio?

Any memory of the cover?

Angel Joy (ashortrn) | 15 comments Read it in the end of Februrary; high school alumni; can't remember her real job but her friend is the actual volley ball coach for high school girls; Read it on kindle.

Amanda | 110 comments This sounds like Vodka on the Rocks by Lani Lynn Vale.

Nela (nelikne) | 475 comments Yup, sounds like Vodka on the Rocks as suggested by Amanda.

Angel Joy (ashortrn) | 15 comments I think you are right!!!!

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Angel Joy, should we mark your request as Solved or Possibly Solved?

Angel Joy (ashortrn) | 15 comments solved. It is either that one or Jack and Coke! Vodka on the Rocks is the one about the actual Coach and Jack and Coke is the one about her sister her plays on her team!
But I can't remember which one has the exact scene in it!

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