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Do you do much art? Speak about what like to do with art and how you make it yours. For instance, I don't do much art... but I guess Pyrography can be one, right? I do some. :P

message 2: by Amber (new)

Amber (amberterminatorofgoodreads) I love to draw in my sketchbooks for fun. I'm a mixed media hobby artist and have been for a few years now but have just recently started doing drawing challenges like my first ever Inktober last year so have started drawing with brush pens and I color my art with markers, crayons, and color pencils. I recently got a White Sakura gelly roll pen that Jake Parker uses for any white pieces in his artwork with an opaque white brush pen for white parts in my drawings and I also got a metallic silver and gold uniball pen that I would use for highlights and stuff. The last drawing I did was last night when I was inspired by the crazy weather we had for the first day of Spring in TN which was rainy weather with snowflakes so drew a girl holding an umbrella who had gotten tan and wore the wrong type of clothes and is trying to protect herself from the cold. I'm looking forward to drawing more later on and to participate in an artists collective next month.

I also love to color in adult coloring books too.

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Janessa | 12 comments I like sketching, mainly dresses or cute outfits; flowers, animals, people. Sometimes I just doodle. And I love adult coloring books too. My Godfather is sending a bunch of coloring books along with some markers and pencils for my birthday. In fact my Godfather and I share the same birthday.

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