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Post Applications for Maids Here!
Description: (2-5 paragraphs long)

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Anna wrote: "Name: Melody Waller
Age: 23
Caste: 6
Occupation: Maid
Appearance: Short, with curly blonde hair, and blue eyes.
Description: Melody is a clumsy person. She is known for dropping things and bumping..."


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Name: Ellie Banks
Age: 14
Caste: Six
Occupation: Maid
Appearance: Her long blonde hair is usually pulled into a ponytail during the day, letting a few rebellious strands fall to frame her small face and grey eyes. She looks much younger than she is, and has been described as petite, which is basically the only thing anyone's ever noticed about her. She's just small, innocent Ellie.


Ellie has never known life outside of the palace. Her father was a guard who was sent to New Asia before she was born and was killed in combat. Her mother is a maid. And now, Ellie is a maid, too. It's her first year officially working for the Royals, though Ellie has been helping out and doing odd jobs around the palace for years. Most people on the staff knew her, besides all the new hires for the Selection. She has no idea how she got the gig of being a maid for one of the Selected, but she's excited and determined to do her best. Ellie hopes to make her mother proud by being the best maid she can be, and if her Selected girl wins, then that would be even better.

Ellie has always been underestimated because of how young and innocent she looks, but she has her fair share of traumas in her life. The youngest people in the castle are at least three years older than her, which means she never really had a best friend growing up. She'd learned quickly to be polite and to blend in so she didn't cause trouble, and she more than knows her place in this world. She knows she's just a maid. She knows she'll never be anything more. But that doesn't stop her from fantasizing about princess dresses and giggling about how cute Prince Prescott is, and it's never kept her from dreaming of a life where she gets to choose what she wants. Still, it's not possible, and she knows it.

Ellie hopes that she'll find her true love one day, and she's sure that helping out her Selected girl can help her see what true love is like. Unless her Selected is here for reasons other than love, though. If that's the case . . . Ellie might not be so excited, after all.

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Anna wrote: "I don't know if I should post this here, but I could make make your maid character's mom."

Ooo that would be cool!

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