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Historical? Paranormal? High school?

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Okay. Paranormal romance. Do you want it to be two people that are paranormal or one paranormal and the other human?

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Cool. Would you like to be the vampire or the human? Plus do you want to be the guy or girl?

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Okay. Here's my character.

Name: Daemon Blake
Age: 18
GN: Male
Appearance: Blue eyes. Dark brown hair.
Species: Human.

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((Vampire Diaries. You start please.))

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Vance walked out of The Grill to hear a woman shouting.

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Vance smiled at the woman. "I wouldn't know. I have never wanted to have children."

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"I'm sorry about your experience." he said with a smile. She was a beautiful woman. "My name is Daemon but people call me Vance for some reason. May I ask your name?"

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"Maybe all you need to do is find something you have in common." he told her. "This may seem rash but could I buy you a drink?" he asked.

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He opened the door to The Grill for her and led her to the bar. "How is sit bad taste if she has feelings for the guy. Light is in everyone even if it is very dim."

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" I don't believe that's true." he told her.

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"I believe no matter a persons faults or wrongs that they can still be saved." he said.

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"Seems to me he was a lucky guy." he said.

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"I'm sorry for that. People can be cruel." he told her.

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"You probably had a reason for that." he told her.

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"Do you lie a lot?" he asked.

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"Then that is probably why they suspected you. Believe it or not people may hate you they are loyal to you." he told her.

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((Yes that works.))

"You shouldn't walk alone. I could walk you if you'd like." he said.

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((Its cool.))

"If you say so." he said and started walking before he was grabbed by another man with gruesome eyes and a ravenous expression. When the man bit into his neck his let out a scream. He wasn't as strong as he thought and it frightened him.

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Weak and with wide eyes Daemon watched Katherine. "What are you?" he sobbed.

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Vance wide eyed watches her and his attacker. ((Sure))

"And why should I do that?" he asked his tone venomous.

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((Sorry it didn't notify me.))

His eyes went wide and he nodded. "Yes I have. I will go now." he said.

Vance watched in shock and awe.

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"A hot vampire. Never imagined that before." he said with a smile.

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"I'm a little dizzy but I think I will survive." he told her with a smile.

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At first he hesitated then he drank from her wrist.

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He let go of her wrist wiping his mouth. His dizziness was gone. "Thank you Katherine."

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"That sounds like at good idea." he told her.

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He smiled and walked the direction to his house,

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He walked up to his door unlocking it. "Do you really have to be invited in?" he asked before he did invite her in.

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"Thank you." he said and offered her a drink.

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"I take it you don't have a good reputation?" he asked leaning on the back on his couch watching her.

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"Well I take that as I should stay on your good side." he laughed.

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He smiled at her. "Well I don't know who Klaus is?"

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"Seems to me you have been running for awhile haven't you?" he asked.

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"You seem to really love him." he said.

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"Then are you here for some reason?" he asked.

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"Sounds like a cool party if you ask me." he said.

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