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What should we rp?

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romance. Any plot ideas?

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I know romance. Maybe historical romance or paranormal romance?

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Paranormal :)

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Okay. What kind of paranormal romance. Two paranormals or paranormal and human?

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paranormal and human

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Okay do you want to be paranormal or the human? Also do you want to be boy or girl?

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it really doesnt matter to me. U can pick.

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Okay. I can be the human girl. You are the paranormal guy.

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OK :) u start?

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Here is my character.

Name: Alora Lione
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Auburn curly hair down to her waist. Hazel eyes that change from blue to green or grey.
Species: Human

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Name- Jason Moyer
Age- 19
Apperance- blonde hair, brown eyes, tall
Speices- Werewolf

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Highschool paranormal? They are friends and she has a crush on him and she doesn't know he's a werewolf.

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((Lets begin.))

Alora walked into school tired. She walked to her locker dragging her feet. She always hated school but it was worse when it was a game day. She leaned on her locker waiting for her friend Jason.

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Jason spotted Alora from a distance. He snuck up behind her, and covered her eyes with his hands. "Boo," he laughed.

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Alora laughed turning around. "Hey Jason." Seeing him made her smile. They were friends but she had always had a crush on him. On the other hand she would never tell him that. "How was your night?" she asked.

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He grinned roguishly. "Well, it was quite pleasing, if you know what i mean," he raised his eyebrows. "And yours?"

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"Like any other night. I was studying and I watched a couple movies." she said rolling her eyes at his answer.

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"Sounds boring," he commented. "You should come hang out at my place. Lots of fun there," he winked, laughing.

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"Hey at least I'm passing." she teased. "I'll come over tonight if you want me to. I'm not going to the game." she told him as she opened her locker.

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He grinned. "Sure," he leaned on a locker. "Hey, speaking of passing, can you help me out in math? I failed the midterm,"

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She laughed. "Sure I'll help you with math or any other subject you need help with." she told him taking out her books and putting them in her bag. She smiled at him as she closed the locker. "First lesson. Don't fall asleep in class."

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He groaned. "But its sooo boring!"

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"I know it is but you have to pay attention to know anything." she told him. The bell rang so she pulled her hair up. She never really let anyone other than Jason see her with her hair down. "Come on we need to get to class."

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He nodded and followed her. "Don't let me fall asleep, okay?" he said, laughing.

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"I won't I promise." she told him as they got to class. She took her seat next to him taking out her notebook and math book.

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"Oh, did i mention i lost my book?" he said sheepishly.

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"No you didn't." She laughed taking another book out of her bag. "You left it in class the Monday and I found it. So no excuse." she told him handing him the book.

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"Ugh, why do you have to be so damn perfect?" he grinned.

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"Who me?" she asked with a laugh. "I'm not perfect I'm just me. Now pay attention." she told him as she began to take notes.

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He found it hard to pay attention, tapping a pen on the desk and looking everywhere but on the board.

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Alora poked his side. "Hey stop it just try to listen." she whispered. She smiled and took notes for him.

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"You're the best," he laughed.

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"Thank you." she said. She stood when the bell rang. She didn't notice that she dropped her song book when she put her books in her bag. She went to the door and waited for Jason.

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Jason stayed behind and picked up the notebook. He started after her slowly, flipping through the pages.

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They had most of their classes together so Alora just headed to class. She sat in English with her notebook and a pen as she waiting for Jason to come into class.

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HE flipped it shut and followed her, startled by what he just read. From the looks of it, she... liked... him?

He walked into class and stood in front of her desk. He tossed the notebook on her desk, wordless.

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She looked at the notebook then she looked at him. "Jason how did you get my songbook?" she asked. She prayed that he didn't read it.

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"You dropped it." he knelt down so he was eye to eye with her. "Why didn't you say anything?" he asked her softly.

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"You read it didn't you?" she asked not answering his question.

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"Why didn't you say anything?" he repeated.

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"I didn't want to mess up our friendship. Plus don't you have a girlfriend anyway?" she asked.

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He looked at her and pressed his lips against hers.

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Alora shocked kissed him. "Jason we're in class. Can we just talk about this later please?" she asked.

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He shook his head. "DO you really like me like that?" he asked.

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"Yes." she murmured meekly. She bit her lip looking at him. "Jason please we'll talk about this later. Either at lunch or at your house."

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He shrugged. "Okay," he said softly, sitting down.

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She looked down at her notebook unable to pay attention to class. She put her head down on her desk.

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He watched her, curious.

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