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cosmic (erosful)

{the idol life - romance/angst/slice of life/idol x idol}
muse a has just gone through a breakup, and as a celebrity, the news spread quickly, and is still plastered on articles and newspapers to this day. muse b, while known for their musical/acting abilities, they're also known to be quite the player, and finds interested in muse a when they meet at an awards show. however, when a flirtatious soul and a heartbroken soul interact, it won't always be sparks and butterflies.

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cosmic (erosful)

aye x2... also for this one, which role do you want?

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cosmic (erosful)

ight then i got muse a

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cosmic (erosful)

description[ MOON YEOJIN ] description❝running far away❞
descriptiontwenty-two ⁝ libra ⁝ female ⁝ demisexual ⁝ bae suzy

MOON YEOJIN is powerful. After all, she's been an idol ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ since her debut at fourteen years old, with a girl group that disbanded in 2013. That never stopped Yeojin from making music, and now in 2018, she's one of the most known K-pop singers around the world.

It seemed as if she had everything; she had a fellow idol boyfriend, was making millions with every album, and had a loving fan-base. Then, her boyfriend dumped her and the news went viral. The world came crashing down on Yeojin, and let's just say that she made a very sad album following the split.

Two months later, and she's been trying to cheer herself up and get over her ex, but it still hurts her.

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cosmic (erosful)

Under normal circumstances, Yeojin would love coming to events like these — events that she can wear an expensive outfit for, greet fellow idols, and perform. Yet, the idea that her ex would also be attending made her want to faint as soon as she stepped out of the car and onto the red carpet.

Sure, she could fake a smile in front of the paparazzi and take a few pictures with her fans, but the second Yeojin runs into Jung Sung, she intends on leaving the event. A member of the staff leads her to her seat near the stage, and she thanks them softly, and takes her seat.

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cosmic (erosful)

Yeojin heard her name being called by a few of her fans and turned in her seat, raising her hand to wave at them, a grateful grin on her face. She recognized the owner of her fan cafe in the midst of them, and her grin widened. She loved her fan base, known as 'Stars'.

As she turned back around in her seat, she caught the eye of a male idol, and ducked her head in a small bow of respect. Yeojin also looked at a few of his members and did the same thing, them returning a 90-degrees bow in return. She then fully turned in her seat and paid attention to the stage as the show began.

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cosmic (erosful)

Her manager came by her table, leaning down to whisper in her ear that after the next two performances, she'd have to go on stage to present the award for 'Boy Group of the Year'. Yeojin nodded in response and folded her hands in her lap, peering around the stadium. The feeling of a gaze burning into her made her look over her shoulder to catch the gaze of the boy again. She couldn't help but scoff, and looked back at the stage, avoiding his gaze.

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cosmic (erosful)

The performance had ended, and Yeojin slowly stood up, clapping along with audience and trying to ignore the very loud screaming from their fans. She sat back down as another performance ensued, waiting for the right moment to stand up and go backstage, where she'd be given the trophy and the card announcing the winner.

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cosmic (erosful)

In the midst of the next performance, Yeojin stood up, following after a staff member backstage. She passed by the beaming and adrenaline-filled group, noticing the boy again which made her duck her head. Behind the stage, Yeojin smoothed out her dress with the palms of her hands, then combed her fingers through the ends of her hair.

The performance on stage ended, and Yeojin waited until the crowd settled before walking out on stage to present the award.

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cosmic (erosful)

The scripted words that Yeojin was to say appeared on a screen in front of her. As the applause died down upon her entrance, she smiled at the crowd, setting the trophy down on the podium. Yeojin cleared her throat into the microphone, and began speaking.

"Hello everyone. You all look marvelous. Before I begin, let's take a look at the nominees." Yeojin paused as the large screens by the stage began to play a clip of each nominees' newest song, each getting a large reaction from the crowd.

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cosmic (erosful)

The clip showing the group 'THE XX' was of a fight between a couple, and on involuntary instinct, Yeojin looked over her shoulder towards the crowd, searching for Jung Sung. She couldn't see him, and took a deep breath of relief, focusing on the words on the screen again as all the nominees were shown.

"The response for each group is absolutely thrilling. The fans are absolutely amazing. Each nominee has worked extremely hard this past year with comebacks and tours, all gaining the recognition they deserve. Yet, the winner of this award has exceeded brilliance at a far higher rate. That winner is..." Yeojin trailed off as she opened the envelope and read the card. Plastering a grin on her face, she announced, "THE XX! Congratulations!"

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cosmic (erosful)

She stepped away from the podium, the trophy in her hands. She noticed one of their members crying and gave him a wistful smile, remembering when she had been in the same position as him in her old band. Yeojin handed him the trophy, muttering a 'congratulations'. She noticed then the idol that had been staring at her before. Her smile faded just slightly, but returned once more when she remembered they were on stage. "Congratulations," she told him, bowing her head to the hoobae.

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cosmic (erosful)

Sure, the walk on stage had been easy with the help of staff, but now Yeojin had to walk off stage and not trip on her dress. Walking slowly beside the group, she bit her lip, trying to keep her posture straight and eyes forward, but kept finding her eyes trailing down to her feet to make sure she stepped correctly. 'You've been an idol for almost ten years and you still have trouble walking in heels and a dress. Pathetic.' she thought to herself.

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cosmic (erosful)

"Oh, thank you!" she muttered in gratitude, putting a hand on his shoulder. He was just a bit taller than her, though she was in her heels, so the height difference could be quite different. Yeojin let out a bitter chuckle and said, "So many years on stage, yet I still never get the hang of these shoes." The idea that the press would go crazy over this moment didn't cross her mind at all.

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cosmic (erosful)

Back by her seat, Yeojin moved her hand and took a small step away from him, flashing a grin towards him. "Oh wow. Well, congratulations. May many more come to you and your group," she told him, lowering herself into a seat. She combed her fingers through her hair to make sure it wasn't tangled up, then leaned back in her seat, watching in anticipation until it would be time for her performance.

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cosmic (erosful)

After a while of performances and awards — Yeojin winning one for 'Best Female Artist — it was her time to go backstage and prepare to perform. With the help of her stylists, she got changed into her outfit and had her hair brushed out.

She waited a few moments for the idol that just received an award to come backstage for the lights on the stage to fade before Yeojin made her way onstage, concealed by the dark.

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cosmic (erosful)

Yeojin stopped at the center of the stage, a microphone stand mechanically rising in front of her from under the stage. Slowly, piano music filled the stadium, the white lights fading to a dark blue and purple, and her Stars turned on their light sticks, waving them around. Yeojin kept a somber look on her face, as the song she was going to sing was a sad song. A single spotlight shone on her, and she clutched the microphone song and began singing her single, 'Rasasvada.'

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cosmic (erosful)

Despite the lyrics of the song being incredibly sad, Yeojin always loved the response in conjured in crowds, and was excited when she reached the lengthy high note that broke into the chorus. A large round of screaming came after the high note, and Yeojin had to battle a smile, as she was supposed to act sad.

Her performance consisted of two songs, so as soon as 'Rasasvada' ended, she was joined with EXO member, Suho, and they sang a song from his solo album, 'Dinner'.

((i'm actually addicted to dinner omgomg))

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cosmic (erosful)

By the end of the song, both Stars and EXO-L's were roaring in the audience, and Yeojin lowered her microphone, bowing to Suho, then giving him a hug. The lights dimmed again and the two walked off stage. Behind the stage, Yeojin was given a towel, which she took back to her seat to wipe off her sweat. On her way back, she smiled at her fans, then turned to 'THE XX' and looked at the boy for a fleeting moment, keeping the smile on her face.

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cosmic (erosful)

Yeojin put the towel to her neck, pressing down to collect sweat with the towel. She heard laughing behind her and turned around to see what it was. The members of NCT and THE XX were messing around. Yeojin smiled at one of the NCT members, Taeil, whom she had met once at an event. She then looked back the stage, noticing that she was being shown on one of the screens, then it showed PRISTIN again. The event would be ending soon, and Yeojin was ready to go to her hotel and sleep.

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cosmic (erosful)

She looked back at the group, covering her mouth with her dainty hand as she laughed. The performance slowly came to an end, and her manager came by her seat to escort her out. Yeojin had to leave early, as she would be resuming her tour in a few days, and she had a meeting the following morning about touring with another group.

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cosmic (erosful)

Her manager and staff led her to a back entrance, planning to avoid the paparazzi. Yet, as soon as the door was pushed open, Yeojin was bombarded by photographers and reporters. She felt a hand on her arm, and looked to the side to see a security guard helping her through the crowd. She heard questions being fired at her, all about different things, but most about her breakup and her and the THE XX member.

Yeojin was almost on her way out when she felt a hand tug violently at her arm, and another hand grabbing her hair.

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cosmic (erosful)

The tug on her hair increased in strength, and Yeojin yelped, struggling back. She could only take minimal glances up, and noticed more than one person grabbing a hold of her. In front of her, her security was trying to step around fans to grab Yeojin, and fans were taking pictures and videos, crowding around them. She could've sworn she heard someone curse her out for touching Guihan from THE XX, and it made her positive that these were sasaengs.

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cosmic (erosful)

For a moment, she was comforted by his arm, yet realization crashed down on her right after. The motive behind the attack was from Yeojin interacting with Guihan, and she didn't want to go through an attack again. As soon as they reached her car, she quickly moved away from him and spat out, "Control your fans."

Though it was far from professional to say that, Yeojin did it in the heat of the moment. She climbed in the car, slamming the door behind her, and looking down at her hands to avoid his gaze through the window.

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cosmic (erosful)

((imma skip to the next dayyy))

An hour after the awards show ended and Yeojin was in the safety of her hotel room, she was scrolling through her social media pages, looking through numerous articles and comments made by Stars and X's. She couldn't sleep well that night, and woke up the next morning in a sour fit, wanting to sleep in more than go to a meeting with her managers.

Yeojin arrived at Galaxy Entertainment's headquarters, bare-faced and in a turtleneck, jeans, and a beanie covering her hair. She didn't bother to grab her mask, as it would get in the way when she talked in the meeting. "Good morning," she called in between a yawn when she walked inside the meeting room.

((alsooo if you didn't pick up on my planning, i wanted to have yeojin tour with the xx))

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cosmic (erosful)

Yeojin took a seat in one of the chairs beside her managers, and they instantly brought up the events from the night before. "That was inappropriate of you! Engaging with such a strong fan base! You should know better!" her leading manager scolded to her right.

She couldn't argue back, unfortunately, as it didn't always end well. When her and Jung Sung both broke up and Yeojin called to pause her tour at the time, her managers declined, and she spent the remainder of her tour in an angry and depressed mood, even during fan-signs.

A sound at the doors alarmed her, and Yeojin turned her head to look at the oak doors being pushed open by none other than THE XX. "What's going on?" she asked her managers, covering her face with her hand, remembering that she was bare-faced.

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cosmic (erosful)

Realizing that she looked foolish covering her face with her hand, Yeojin slowly lowered her hand down to her side. She nodded her head in acknowledgement to their group introduction, and stood up, bowing her head and muttering, "Twinkle twinkle, Moon Yeojin." She sat back down again, crossing one of her legs over the other and looked at her managers.

Hong Hoseok, the CEO of the company, stood from his chair and clasped his hands behind his back. "So, I don't suppose you idols know why you are here today. Yeojin is going to have a tour for her recent album, with shows in Asia and America. THE XX will be touring with Yeojin as her opening act."

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cosmic (erosful)

Though she was happy that the younger members of THE XX were thrilled to be expanding overseas, Yeojin let out a small scoff. The room silenced, and she felt the pressure of eyes on her. "Do you really think touring together will fix the scandal? There are fanwars going on between Stars and X's, and you assume that keeping myself and THE XX in contact will make this any better?" she asked, daring to take a look at Guihan. He looked just as blank as her, and she wasn't sure how to feel about it.

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cosmic (erosful)

Her eyes widened at Guihan's request, and was about to protest when his own members beat her to it. Biting her lip, she nodded at Shin, and responded softly, "It's fine. I can't really blame any of you. It's false advertisement and unnecessary jealousy and suspicion that creates scandals like these." Yeojin tugged at her beanie, concealing more of her hair and the tips of her ears. She then turned back to her managers and said, "Don't mind what I said. It'll be a joy to tour with them."

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cosmic (erosful)

A whisper in her ear made Yeojin jump. She turned her head to catch one of her managers mouthing a command to shake hands with each member of THE XX. She nodded, and stood up, walking over to the members and shaking hands with each of them. She had to memorize their names now ─ Shin, Guihan, B, and Hyun ─ or she'd make a fool of herself. When Yeojin reached Guihan, she hesitated for a moment to shake his hand, then did so, her heart hammering in her chest.

'Don't do this to yourself. He's just another idol.' she thought to herself. And yet, Yeojin found herself looking up at him and whispering, "We need to talk," so quietly that she could hardly hear herself.

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cosmic (erosful)

Yeojin couldn't catch what Guihan and his member were saying, and couldn't catch what their manager said, but judging by their expressions, it didn't seem to good. Nonetheless, she took a hold of Guihan's wrist in a soft but firm grasp, and led him out of the room. When they reached a corner where they could be concealed from staff, Yeojin turned to him and sighed. "I've heard about you in articles, and they're never any good. I'm sorry, but I can't have you ruining the reputation I've worked so hard to create over these years. I'm not another girl for you to mess with."

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cosmic (erosful)

She scoffed at his attempt for a joke, and told him, "Love doesn't exist." Yeojin stepped away from him to walk back to the meeting room, not looking back once.

Her heart had been broken, and because of this, she was cynical towards the idea of love, and convinced that she had fallen under desperation to have someone at her side in a world where she was constantly getting hate and having to fit into a standard. Yeojin and Jung Sung had been together for five years, and it'd only been a few months since he dumped her. She was not ready to open up her heart again.

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cosmic (erosful)

((skip to uhhhh airport?))

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cosmic (erosful)

In two more days, the tour would start. They would be going to America first, then working their way throughout Asia. Dressed in a sweater, shorts, with her mask covering her face, Yeojin had a tight grip on her carrier, decorated with patches and stickers. She was sitting at the waiting area, her managers chatting around her, and some looking for THE XX. Yeojin sighed, and looked down at the book in her hands, her favorite past-time.

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cosmic (erosful)

The sounds of yelling and shrieking made Yeojin close her book and stand up, face-to-face with THE XX. "Hi," she softly greeted, a calm smile on her face. Her warm brown eyes raked over the faces of every member, lingering on Guihan's just a bit. She noticed that he seemed out of ease, and she bit her lip, slightly concerned.

The clearing of a throat behind her made her turn, and she looked at her main manager, Yoon Jiyun. "Welcome boys. We'll be boarding the plane soon, so please sit down and wait with us."

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cosmic (erosful)

Yeojin smiled at the maknae, then looked down at the book in her lap, cracking it open to the page she was on. A few minutes passed until the managers called her and the boys to begin boarding the plane. One of the managers had all of their tickets, so all Yeojin held on to was her carrier. However, they all had a seating order, and as the manager read over where each person would sit, she sighed from the fact that they'd have her seated beside Guihan.

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cosmic (erosful)

She followed in silence through the metal detectors and the pat down, and continued like this when they got on the plane. A manager led her and Guihan to their seats. She looked back at him and asked softly, "Is it alright if I take the window seat? I tend to get sick and looking out the window helps."

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cosmic (erosful)

Without hesitation, Yeojin rolled her eyes. She put her carrier in the cabinets above their seats, then slid in, immediately opening the window cover. Guihan's attitude was beginning to annoy her; though she was just as upset as him with the seating arrangement and the tour in general, she was at least making an effort to be civil.

Yeojin curled up, pulling her legs to her chest, then cracking her book open again and continuing her reading.

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cosmic (erosful)

In the midst of her reading, she could've swore she heard her surname, but decided against it and continued reading. After a while, she couldn't pay attention to the words on each page, and closed her book, looking over at the boys around. "How did you all become trainees? Through a survival show, or just regular auditions?" Yeojin asked them, wrapping her arms around her legs and leaning back against the arm of the chair closest to the window.

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cosmic (erosful)

At the mention of MAMAMOO, Yeojin's nose scrunched in distaste and she opened her book again. When MAMAMOO had just debuted, Yeojin had gotten into a feud over a comment one of the members made on a radio show, and still held bitter feelings towards the four girls.

She also scrunched her nose at the fact that the boys didn't even bother to continue a conversation with her. What was the use of touring with each other if they couldn't even be friendly?

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cosmic (erosful)

Yeojin let out a small scoff, and continued reading her book. The flight attendant came around with food, and Yeojin got a pack of pretzels and a chocolate bar. Happily eating her snacks, she conversed softly with Hyun, learning that the younger boy was a fan of hers. Shin joined in on their conversation as well, until he pointed out that Guihan was snoring. Hyun pulled out his phone, and Yeojin could only assume that he was taking a video of his hyung.

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cosmic (erosful)

She laughed at Guihan's actions, but quickly stopped and schooled her expressions. "I saw the code. It's 'guihan is the best' in all capital letters," she tells Hyun, watching the young boy quickly tap in the code.

The flight was a few hours in, though not halfway over. Yeojin despised the fact that the flight to Miami was so long, but couldn't complain. She leaned back in her seat, curling up again, and leaning her head against the wall, slowly drifting off to sleep.

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cosmic (erosful)

Yeojin let out a noise to quiet down the boys, stirring slightly in her sleep. She fell fully asleep now, without a dream. In the midst of it, her bare legs were exposed to the cold atmosphere and she shivered, curling even tighter.

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cosmic (erosful)

She wasn’t sure how, but she wasn’t cold anymore. Yeojin continued sleeping peacefully and dreamlessly. About an hour or two later, the sky outside the window was dark and everybody around her was awake. She slowly woke up and yawned, noticing the jacket on her legs with a sleepy gaze.

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cosmic (erosful)

With her senses still waking up, Yeojin moaned and combed her hair from her face, which had been curtained around her. When her vision cleared, she noticed his features and his hair and smiled. “This is your jacket?” She asked him, looking down at her legs. “Aren’t you cold?”

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cosmic (erosful)

She was warm, thanks to him. Yet, she couldn’t let herself settle with him being cold, so she shook her head and told him, “Never mind manners. If you’re cold, take it back. I can survive.” Yeojin noticed Shin stir in his slumber and quickly snapped her mouth shut. She whispered to Guihan, “R-Really, if you’re cold, you can take it back.”

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cosmic (erosful)

A chuckle left her lips at their childish antics. Yeojin shivered again, tugging the jacket further up so it covered her stomach and legs. “There’s people sleeping,” she told the three boys, shaking her head in amusement.

She looked at Guihan and quirked an eyebrow. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s six of you, right? You, Shin, Hyun, B, CH, and CJ?”

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cosmic (erosful)

"He just wants to feel included and be like his hyungs. I was the maknae in my group, and I did the same things that Hyun does," Yeojin tells him, almost in a scolding manner for saying such a thing about Hyun.

She pulled out her phone from the back pocket of her shorts, checking the time. 01:13 AM. They had seven more hours until they landed in Miami. Yeojin put her phone back in her pocket, yawning.

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cosmic (erosful)

She looked down at her sneaker-clad feet and smiled. "Yeah, I know. They told me earlier when we were talking. It's very touching," Yeojin said softly. Her tone changed to teasing as she continued with a cocked eyebrow, "And yet, my music could not attract Mr. Lee Guihan. What is it that did not draw you?"

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cosmic (erosful)

She understood his reasoning and nodded. She couldn't help but smile along with him at the mention of her group. "My noona's made me who I am today," she muttered, thinking back to when her and her five sisters last saw each other as a group. Two of them had become actresses, one had returned to China, and the other two settled down to raise families.

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