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cosmic (erosful)

{amnesia - romance/slice of life/transfer x regular}
♡ forgetting everything after an accident, muse a had a hard time living at home. everything was unfamiliar. they had no memories and could only look through photo albums and listen to their mom tell them stories. they had lost 17 years of their life. they had no idea who they were or who anyone was. their personality had softened and upon arriving at school, people avoided them. well, everyone except for muse b who was known for bullying muse a. however, when they tried to do their usual bullying to muse a, despite knowing the situation, they were met with a gentle smile and humble introduction. when did that idiot get so adorable?

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cosmic (erosful)

aye.... which role do you want? cause i kinda planned out muse a (which would be the transfer student) already, but i can change if you want muse a

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cosmic (erosful)

description[ KANG JISOO ] description❝conquer from within❞
descriptioneighteen ⁝ aries ⁝ female ⁝ pansexual ⁝ jinsoul

SHE MAY NOT be the smartest, nor the richest. She's ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ treated like a child every time she tries to join in on serious conversations, and her friends joke about her playful aura and naivety. When she tries to make a poised statement in her classes, her teachers only smile and move on to the next student. Honestly, Jisoo is tired of being treated like this, but hides her discomfort with a wistful smile.

Often times, she's convinced that the only thing she has going for her is her appearance and her musical talent, both that she's been smothered with attention for. Jisoo does not want to be considered only a pretty face with corny jokes; she wants people to know that she can be serious, that it does hurt when people don't see who she's trying to be.

She'd also appreciate it if people stop calling her 'Jiji'. Her name is Jisoo, thank you very much. She doesn't want her beautiful name to be shortened and westernized.

However, this all happened before her accident, and now she really just wants to have her memories back.

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