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Can this book be read as a "stand-alone?"

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Melanie Hey, guys.

Long story short, I bought this book, completely unaware that it is part of the sixties trilogy, by which I mean I didn't know it was actually book 2 of the trilogy. So my question is: can this book be read as a stand alone? Like, can I read it and still follow along nicely, or is it recommended I read the first one first? Thanks! :)

April You can definitely read this as a stand alone book. This series of books all take place at different time in the 60's but don't follow the same characters. I loved Revolution as well as Countdown and am looking forward to the thrid book in the series.

Hannah baity You can definitely read this as a stand alone as it has nothing to do with the first book.

Melanie Thanks, guys! If anyone else is wondering the same thing, the author herself told me that the book can be read as a stand alone. Thanks again!

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