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Hope Heals by: Katherine and Jay Wolf

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Danielle This true story is one of the most inspiring I have read, especially with where I am in life. This novel tells the story of a women who deals with a brain stem stroke, leaving her partially paralyzed, This brain rupture should have killed her or have left her with greater consequences like severe paralysis or simply becoming a vegetable. Instead Katherine survived with better odds. She still faced struggles in her partial paralysis. She could not swallow, move the left side of her face, move her right arm, or walk. These were daunting tasks to try and learn again. She also faced the challenge of dealing with judgement: constant stares at her for looking different. Fear of being too much for her husband to deal with, and not being able to raise her child. This novel continuously shows the up and down's of her battle and how she persevered. It is a great read for anyone to help them realize how thankful they should and to never give up on anything. Katherine grew from her defeats and continued to push for a happy life. She constantly said throughout the book, "I'm still the same me on the inside". If you are looking for a book to change your perspective on life, this book opens your eyes to how hard of obstacles people can overcome.

Serena Prieto Hope does heal...and one way to find hope is through praising God. I know this personally because of a snowy day when praise brought healing to my mother in the midst of great physical pain. Back pain, to be exact.
I live alone with my mother, and we're both disabled. (She suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident at 17, and I was born with cerebral palsy.) I am not ambulatory and can't perform self-care.
On this particular day, our region experienced a blizzard so bad that no caregiver dared to come to us, and Mom's excruciating back pain made her unable to lift me into my wheelchair. "Honey, " she said, turning to me, "this is a job for..." I finished with "El Shaddai!" (Meaning "He is more than enough," this is one of God's Hebrew names.) Mom decided to turn her focus from the pain to her Healer by playing worship music. As she raised her hands in worship, the pain lifted away! That was years ago, and we are still grateful to God for what he did that day!

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