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Is Toru a copy of Nagaswa?
Ahmad Al-mutawa Ahmad Mar 20, 2018 05:51AM
After reading the book, I can't help but compare what Toru to Nagasawa.

We see that Nagasawa had no respect for women, and would take any opportunity to "fool-around" with other women and mis-treat his girlfriend (Hatsumi) which lead to her suicide after he left to Germany.

Toru also "fooled around" a lot in the book, even when he was supposed to be dedicated to Naoko, and even after he is supposed to have choosen Midori (by doing it with Reiki).

Toru also (in chapter 1) arrives to Germany before he starts to recite this novel to us.

He liked Nagasawa because they shared the same taste in books, and in women. Hell, they even switched partners in a love hotel, and that was OK with both of them.

But Toru despised Nagasawa and blames him for Hatsumi's suicide. Yet, I can't help but sense a level of overshadowing that Toru is a copy of Nagasawa, and for the readers who might not spot it right away, we are told that they both ended up in Germany. Is it a coincidence?

Out of memory, doesn't Nagasawa say it himself, that Toru makes a scene of disapproving of his behavior but in fact acts exactly like him, out of the same desires?

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