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Call for Submissions - Short Stories and Book Reviews

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message 1: by Anshuk (new)

Anshuk Attri (anshukattri) | 3 comments Hello everyone!

I would like to inform you that the first edition of our quarterly magazine, Penmanship Personified, is due to be published in July, 2018 in India.

This magazine will be published quarterly, and will be available online as well as in print. The editorial team comprises of experienced individuals from the field of literature/publishing

At Penmanship Personified, we believe that amateur and debutant writers in India are in dire need of a commercial platform to get their work reviewed, published, and distributed to readers across India. We aim to provide such a platform to all aspiring writers.

We are currently accepting submissions for the following categories:

1. Short stories: They must be in English or translated into English from a regional language. Max. length should be 3500 words.
2. Children's stories: The magazine will have a section dedicated to stories written by school students. Max. length acceptable would be 2000.
3. Book reviews: This section will try to focus more on books that are not 'mainstream'. Max. length should be 800 words.

We invite you to submit your work to us. You can email it to:

Visit our website for more information.

To stay updated, follow us on:

Looking forward to reading your work!

Feel free to contact me on Goodreads if you need more details.

message 2: by Margret (new)

Margret | 1 comments Hi,
I like your idea. I do some occasional writing like this one

message 3: by Mauktik (new)

Mauktik | 2 comments Hi,
When will be the next submission period?

message 4: by Anshuk (new)

Anshuk Attri (anshukattri) | 3 comments Mauktik wrote: "Hi,
When will be the next submission period?"

You can submit all throughout the year.

message 5: by Shabana (new)

Shabana Mukhtar (shabanamukhtarofficial) This is great. Will send my entry soon.

message 6: by Mauktik (new)

Mauktik | 2 comments Anshuk wrote:
You can submit all throughout the year.

That's great, thanks

message 7: by New (new)

New Book Reviewer  (newbookreviewer) | 16 comments Hi Guys,

Started my new blog -
if anyone interested in reviewing their book feel free to send me email on

message 8: by New (new)

New Book Reviewer  (newbookreviewer) | 16 comments Hi DS kumar, I m interest in reviewing your book.

message 9: by Kaveri (new)

Kaveri Bhar | 2 comments My young adult fiction has got published finally. Please do read the free sample available in google play:

Gamed - Will love find me?

message 10: by Preeti (new)

Preeti G (preetig) | 27 comments Hi
Do check out my English Learning Blog:

My Latest Post on Phrasal verbs here:

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