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Justin (justinandrewmason) | 49 comments Title: The Jötunn Encampment
Series: Mini-Dungeon Collection
Author: Justin Andrew Mason
Publisher: AAW Games
Publication Date: January 13, 2016
Format: Electronic
Description: The party has returned to the village of Völsfiheimr and are asked to assist in another matter before continuing on their quest. A Vikmordere scouting party has discovered an encampment of Jötunn-kin several miles away, and suggest that all attacks in the area are being coordinated from location – a long abandoned Vikmordere fortress. Canute believes that if the encampment can be neutralized, it would thwart Jötunn advancement and provide the Vikmordere with a battlefield advantage. He provides the adventurers with a crude map pinpointing the location of the encampment.
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