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Nada | 30 comments Have 25 years of professional writing and editing to offer, plus reasonable grasp on contemporary literary fiction.

If you are looking for a beta/ critique partner who is on the literary side of the spectrum, we might be a match. Blood Instruments is a 70k lit fic set in London. Look forward to hearing about your novel.

"In the clapboard house in Nieuw Amsterdam there was only one throne, and it belonged to Man’s mum. Nelly was the size of two or three of her adult sons. She ruled the house like the Godfather, with her wooden spoon and a mobile phone instead of a gun."

When Kat, a Dutch singer who once toured with the Breeders, and Man, a Creole piercer, marry in Nieuw Amsterdam, South America, their families, their bloodlines, connect. Kat’s Dutch mother is distant to her five daughters, and often false. From Man’s mother Nelly, Kat learns physical closeness and trust. As she brings this style back home to her Dutch family, and to her own parenting—her baby, Boy—her four younger sisters and mother Ruby react with suspicion. Are you two snogging, Kat’s sister says at one point.

Man, out of his depth in Holland, jobless and rudderless, turns abusive. When Kat tries to end the marriage, it all ends in a perfect storm. Kat has to flee her husband, her family and the law, hounded by Man, bringing Boy with her to London.

Breathe, Kat learns there in her mindfulness class. Run, says her head.

But how do you run—when it’s your own blood you’re running from?

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Nada | 30 comments Hi Avinash,

Thanks for your response. Would you tell me a bit more please? Why would you like to swap with me?



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