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WBoT Chapters 1-4

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message 1: by Daphne (new)

Daphne Roux (daphnedelaroux) | 50 comments Mod
Week 1 discussion starts July 28th.

message 2: by Daphne (new)

Daphne Roux (daphnedelaroux) | 50 comments Mod
Hello everyone! We are here to discuss these first few chapters and get a hold on the author's voice, intentions and philosophy and how that relates to us.

This is a VERY different book when compared to the lst book we read. She seems, down to earth and very intelligent. Her voice is one of authority and her sentences are designed to convey more information in a small space. Far less conversational in her approach than our last author, she requires your attention and focus. This is a book for highlighting. ;)

I like that, even though she is very clear about her own beliefs and outlines her personal model of magick, she allows for other interpretations. I've found that those two things don't often occur together, in my experience. So far this reads more like philosophy and less like a how-to. I'm digging that.

I'll say more once more of us have weighed in. I'm excited to read and do more with this book!

message 3: by Rommy (new)

Rommy Cortez-Driks | 18 comments I like how straightforward the author is and yes, the fact that she encourages the reader to approach the questions from their personal belief system is refreshing. I have been working through the exercises and questions in the book (I'd like to try some of her blockage cleaning ones eventually, though I have several ones of my own that work well for me - the book has inspired me to dust them off and give them a go.

I'm glad she mentions the idea of block clearing/ cleansing before getting into the main work. I get the impression that some Pagans shy away from stuff like that because it implies some sort of judgement or impurity.

After reading this section (and doing some other work on the side that dovetails with the theme of this book nicely) I'd like to think of it more as Spiritual tooth brushing. Just because your teeth need daily brushing doesn't make them evil. They just need a regular cleaning so they don't rot! I like the idea of regularly checking for blocks, just as a maintenance thing and seeing what can be worked on. I think so many of us wait for a crisis to happen before we do, and yeah, you can still do it that way. But there are more layers to work through.

I guess I'm thinking like this because although my my recent dark night of the soul was almost a year ago, I'm still working through some blocks.

LOL, one of the funnier questions (though I can see why she asked it) was what the ultimate purpose of magic is. I'm not sure that it needs to have a purpose, any more than water, air, etc have a purpose. They just Are. And we can tap into that for a purpose - but I think it's odd to think of any one thing as being the purpose. Does that make sense?

message 4: by Daphne (new)

Daphne Roux (daphnedelaroux) | 50 comments Mod
It totally makes sense. For me, magic just is. What you do with it is what matters!

message 5: by Platisha (new)

Platisha (mrsford06) | 12 comments I agree this intro section of chapters are a really nice start to the book.

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