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R Mcnabb | 2 comments This is a finished book. Of course I thought that a few years back, too. But now I'm ready to set it free after a couple more brains have a look at it. I especially need feedback on pacing--where it drags, bores, makes you want to shut off your device and have nice nap just to liven things up.

It's a Christmas book. Think of a cross between A Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life but the character that needs redemption in a spoiled, rotten brat. Kids don't always fully appreciate what they get for Christmas or what it took to make the holiday happen for them. This helps them see Christmas from a completely new perspective. I believe everyone who reads it will appreciate their lives a little bit more, whether 'tis the season or not.

I'm willing to swap for roughly the same word count, but it needs to be PG-13 or tamer. Be warned, I will tell you if I think you need a big ol' rewrite. (Goodness knows I've done them!)

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R Mcnabb | 2 comments Hello Rachael!

Fantastic, thank you! I've sent it to the email you gave. It's in a Word doc but I can sent it in another format if needed.

I'm looking forward to your feedback, especially anything that doesn't work for you as a reader. And of course, I hope you enjoy the book in general.


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