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message 1: by Katia (new)

Katia Rose (katiarose) | 16 comments Hello lovely betas!

I'm currently seeking beta readers for my latest novel, a contemporary romantic comedy called 'Your Rythm'. I'd love your help in making the story the best that it can be! The book is the first in a series that follows the story of alternative rock band Sherbrooke Station as they rise to fame in the legendary music scene of Montreal.

Book one focuses on the relationship that develops between Matt Pearson, the band's drummer, and Kay Fischer, a journalist who gets assigned to a story on the group. The boundaries of professionalism get tested when things between them inevitably start to heat up. If you enjoy all the laughs and swoons of a rom-com mixed with just the right amount of angst, then this is the beta read for you!

Here's the info:

Title: 'Your Rythm'
Length: 61K
Genre: Contemporary romantic comedy
Warnings: Contains explicit sexual material

Reply here, PM me, or email if interested.

I'm also open to critique swaps!

Thanks so much!


message 2: by Macasha (new)

Macasha Jackson | 14 comments Hello

I would love to beta read for you feel free to let me know whenever

message 3: by Stina (last edited Apr 06, 2018 11:03PM) (new)

Stina | 10 comments If you're still looking for beta readers, I'd be happy to beta read your novel. As your beta reader, I'd provide a detailed report covering topics such as characterization, pacing, plot, dialogue, setting, etc., and note general issues that greatly detract from the reading experience if found (for example: a preponderance of typos). If you have a beta reader evaluation format/form that you supply to your beta readers, I can use it instead. I also can do follow-up question sessions regarding my report, if you have questions.

If interested, please let me know.

Thank you for your consideration.

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