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Possible scam call tonight

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message 1: by Theodore (last edited Mar 19, 2018 02:59PM) (new)

Theodore Cohen (theodorejeromecohen) | 1417 comments I received what may have been a scam call tonight from 917-338-6450. Now, the Caller ID on my phone showed that the call was coming from New York, and indeed, area code 917 is a valid area code for all five boroughs, but . . . this call didn't pass the smell test.

First, the caller ostensibly was representing a marketing firm that wanted to sell me a marketing package for one of my books. The problem was, the agent spoke broken English (sounded like an Indian or Pakistani accent) and was using a cell phone. The longer we talked, the more he broke up, until he was gone. Evaporated into thin air, even though I told him twice he was breaking up. I almost immediately realized the "game" he was playing was to get me to return his call, which, if he truly were out of the country, could have resulted in significant charges.

I say "could" because we maintain a block on all foreign outgoing calls on both of our lines. It is impossible for anyone to place a call from our house to another country.

I hung up and whoever it was never called back.

Be warned.

message 2: by Alex (new)

Alex Carver | 4626 comments It would have failed the smell test for me simply because a quality marketing firm doesn't call anyone who hasn't first called them to inquire about their services.
They will advertise various places and then wait for people to call them, knowing that the fact they provide a quality service will bring people to them.
Anyone who calls you for business, unless you are a big name, is suspicious to me right from the start.

message 3: by Amy (new)

Amy Hamilton | 2560 comments Be like me-never answer the phone. The only time I do it’s a call for people who used to have our number or someone trying to sell me something. People have tried to scam me in the past, quite aggressively.

message 4: by Dale (new)

Dale Lehman (dalelehman) | 1695 comments I prefer the funny scam calls, myself. I got one a few years ago that actually made me laugh. This came into my voice mail, so I didn't have the pleasure of talking with them directly. The names in the following account are not what he used. I can't remember them, only that he used very plain English names.

A guy in a thick Indian or Pakistani accent identified himself as "Officer John Smith" from the Baltimore police department, told me that a complaint had been filed against me by one "Agent William Johnson of the IRS." I was informed that I needed to call a certain number to resolve the matter, "before you get arrested."

The give-aways in this call were so glaring as to be funny. A guy named something like John Smith with that thick accent; a Baltimore officer calling someone who hadn't set foot in the city for quite some time; the IRS engaging a local police department to track down someone they want to talk to. The one clever part of this scam is that if you checked the number showing on the caller ID, it turned out to be an actual BPD phone number. But the number they gave for the call-back was different.

Funny, yes, but I'm sure they wouldn't be doing it if someone didn't fall victim to it. I suspect if you actually call them back, the punch line would be, "You need to pay $$$$ to settle this complaint or you'll be arrested."

My youngest daughter worked at a local bank for a few years, and she said they would get seniors coming in to withdraw money because they'd gotten a letter threatening them with legal action if they didn't pay a few thousand dollars to settle a tax liability. The payment was to be made by cash into a Bank of America account. She actually stopped one hysterical older fellow from making the withdrawal and told him it was a scam. The IRS would never collect delinquent taxes that way! Her bank then informed BoA of the scam account number so they could shut it down.

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