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Hythrun Chronicles by Jennifer Fallon

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Dominique "Eerie" Sobieska Hello to anyone that may read or even reply to this!

I wanted to know if anyone had read the Hythrun Chronicles by Jennifer Fallon? I have recently purchased both trilogies of the series at a bargain. I love fiction, this seemed quite interesting.

Unfortunately, I have not read the Demon Child trilogy first but instead the Wolfblade trilogy. Went against the Star Wars way :p

But I thoroughly enjoyed this series so far. The Wolfblade trilogy was detailed with characters and plots in between the plots, ever wandering if those close to you could ever turn or die at any moment. It somewhat reminded me of ASoIaF but I rather not talk of it here.

The facts that the first 3 books span on about 30 years make the reality of life more appealing. You see how each character plays their part, how each action will have a consequence, regardless of how small and insignificant it may be. Loyalties tested, others strengthened.

I would have to say the first book, Wolfblade, is my favourite. The cast was impeccable. I became attached to certain characters only to have them buried moments later. Even after three books, Laran is still highly spoken of, even though he died mid way Wolfblade. I feel it unfortunate as he is highly regarded by anyone especially in Krakandar and yet, we knew him for such a short time. But that is why I enjoy reading this series so far.

Hopefully after finishing Warlord, I will immerse myself in the Demon Child trilogy and keep the love have for Hythrun's world.

Ronald Phillips Elezaar's rules of gaining and wielding power, some of my favorite.

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