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message 1: by Eric (new)

Eric Anderson (lonesomereader) | 14 comments Mod
Post your thoughts and feelings about reading this novel here.

Why did you choose it? Had you ever read it before? If you’ve decided to stop reading it, what made you put it down? What’s your overall opinion if you finished it?

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Eric Anderson (lonesomereader) | 14 comments Mod
So I finished reading this for the first time and must admit I found the convuluted structure of Bronte's story difficult to follow at first, but I ended up loving this novel - particularly the way it shows the next generation in the second half.
Although I was aware it's definitely not a romance, I was taken aback by how dark and violent some of the story was and especially by how bitterly revenge plays out over many years. Also, it has sense an intense sense of atmosphere - not just of the moors but with such a creepily intense sense of claustrophobia within the house. Such an intriguing novel overall I know it's one I'll want to reread.
Has anyone else read this for the first time? Or did you reread it (and, if so, how did this reading compare with how you read it in the past?)

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