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The (Gay) Boys of Harvard

Harvard University has been owned by Iroquois Cayuga Tribe for many, many years. Students have told stories on how they would see multiple people leaving one of the dormitory buildings, how sometimes they would hear teenage students running rampage around the university grounds, how they would see small children walking with their parents to and from the city. Chief Nakos is known to be the Headmaster / Presdient of Harvard, students have claimed that he might be the best Headmaster / President they have ever had at Harvard. Many people who have met Cheif Nakos personally, knows that he has a son named ____ ( Muse B ), Muse B is always seen walking around Harvard grounds, but not alone.

Everyone knew that most of the Cayuga tribe had been homeschooled for their Primary, Middle, and High School years, however, Muse B broke the tradtion by attending the same Primary, Middle, and High schools as his best friend Muse A. Muse A had grew up on the grounds of Harvard as well, being the son of one of the professors who in turn was one of the wealthiest men in the world. Muse A's father had sent him to a private school for all his school years, Muse B managed to convince his father into letting him attend the schools as his friend. Muse A and Muse B were best friends, and so it was only natural that they wouldn't want to be separated, hence why they attended the same schools for three phases of their life, and why A's father made sure they had all the same classes with one another. When in Middle School, Muse A befriended a group of people whom he thought would become his friends, instead they used him to bully Muse B. Muse B didn't tell Muse A about the assaults and harassment he face, Muse A found out anyway when one of his actual friends told him what the others were doing. Muse A caught the group harassing B one day, and decided to stand up for B, he managed to fight off the group and threatened them that if they ever came near B again, that he'd have them killed. This was what sparked B to form a crush on his best friend, the fact that he was willing to beat up the people he thought were his friends and the fact he was willing to kill, sparked something. Muse A and B are now in their junior year of High School, both boys have a crush on one another but can not seem to tell one another, perhaps with the help of Cheif Nakos and A's father, the two can finally tell one another how they feel about the other.

— ZERO, I really want to be Muse A! But will make an exception if you really want to be that Muse.
— ONE, this rp is based off a dream I had, and I liked it so much that I decided to turn it into an rp plot, and a story plot ( which will be written at some point I hope ).
— TWO, this will be strictly MxM, do not ask me to change it to FxF or MxF.
— THREE, at least 2-3 paragraphs per post (5-10 sentences per paragraph), Add Details, Emotions, Actions, and such to each post you make, I need to have something to reply to.
— FOUR, any kind of sex is done in pm.

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Oliver Wíshe Nakos | 16 | Gay

Name Meaning: Oliver, English origin, ‘the olive tree’; Wishe, Iroquois origin, variant of the name Michael
Nicknames: Ollie, Ol, Nakos, Ioráhkote (sun in mohawk)

Hair: Dark brown, cut an inch past his jaw
Eyes: Dark brown
Features: 5’6”, 135, lean, dimples

Cambridge, Massachusetts is the one place that Oliver has gotten to know his entire life. He was born there into a family of growing wealth. By the time he was three, his father was owning and running Harvard University efficiently, the profession being taken by him because of the successful people he surrounded himself with.

He was four when he met Brooklyn, his Godfather’s son. Then being so little, they bonded immediately and were raised quite similar, their fathers being close friends. This led to a growing friendship throughout their lives. They attended primary school together, becoming closer and closer friends with each year. Lucas was always a bit more isolated, but that didn’t stop him from his friendship.

Middle school was a wreck, more so than others. It had come to a point where the two of them were hanging out almost every day, and while Ollie only befriended a couple classmates, Brooklyn grew close with a group of boys. Ollie saw no harm in that, the friend group was cool to everyone who knew of them, until the harassment began. He wasn’t sure how or why it had started, or if anyone did, but had never questioned it. It began as verbal insults, but it became physical near the end. Beating him to the ground and claiming he fell on his way home, taunting him to throw a punch to only get hit with another, etc. He kept quiet about it, not wanting to disturb the peace that took place outside of these events, but somehow, Brooklyn had found out about it. He had them down quickly and threatened to kill them if they even tried approaching him again. And the violence had stopped, just like that.

Oliver hadn’t realized until after this event when he realized that his affection for Brooklyn had been growing under his nose all these years. He tried hiding his crush on the boy he had grown to know for so long, and that’s where he is now: Junior year of high school.

•Selfless, thinks about others first, compassionate, caring
•Intelligent, booksmart, occasionally lacks common sense
•Quiet, talks when necessary, soft-spoken
•Loyal, dependent on the people he loves, affectionate
•Sensitive, emotional, bad at dealing with emotions

▲Playing piano
▲His father
▲His roots

▼Being alone
▼Sad endings
▼His emotions

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Here's my long ass character, please don't feel obligated to make your character this long! Please do what you can manage, and if you want to add more when you have time, then do so! But please don't feel obligated to make yours this long!


Full Name: Brooklyn Carlisle David
Meanings: Brooklyn means 'Water ; Stream' , Carlisle means 'From the walled city' , David means 'Beloved'
Nicknames: Broo, Brook, Boo, Rock, Brock, Carl, Carli, Carlis, Dave, David. Ciqala ( it means small one; tiny one; little one ),
Citana ( it means 'One who is a star in the sky' ) Chief Nakos usually calls him these two nicknames or refers him as 'Son' as he does with his actual son too.

Gender: Male
Gender Identity: Genderfluid
Pronouns: They/Them
Birthday: April 25th
Age: 16
Zodiac: Taurus
Most Compatible: Scorpio, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces
Least Compatible: Aries, Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Ethnicity: Māori, Native American, French, British
Nationality: American / Native American
Place of Birth: Wellington, New Zealand
Langauges: Māori, Cayuga, French, English


Visual Description:

Written Description:
Hair: Brown, Short + Wavy
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 198 lbs
Body Type: Athletic and Lean
Markings: Multiple scars from his childhood and from middle school
Tattos/Piercings: Moon Tattoo ; Back , Heart Tattoo For Oliver ; Chest , Dragon Ear Piercing ; Right Ear ( "Gay Ear" )
Distinguishing Features: Tattoos and Piercing


Brooklyn David was four years old when his mother died, and his father uprooted him from the only life he's ever known. Catori David had been in a car accident on afternoon while she was attempting to pick-up her son from preschool; a drunk driver was on the road and had ran a red light when he smashed into Catori's car, right into her side. The impact had killed her instantly, and her death was smooth and painless, according to his father, and multiple other people.

After Catori's death, Matiu had called up his best friend and informed him of the situation, his friend had managed to get him a job at the university that he lives/works at. So, in turn, Matiu David uprooted himself and his son from the life they once knew, and flew them both all the way out to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Whilst in Cambridge, Brooklyn had met a boy who went by the name of Oliver Nakos, apparently he was the son of his Godfather Chief Nakos who also owned and ran Harvard University. He and Oliver began to grow up together, they began to learn the same things, and were beginning to be raised the same exact way. When they both turned five, they both attended Primary school, and once they were done with that, they then attended Middle School, in which was a really bad phase in their life.

Brooklyn had befriended four boys who he had thought would become his best friends at some point, they were amazing people and they were almost always there to help him out during any situation. However, he soon found out that they were just using him to get to his best friend, Oliver Nakos; after finding out, thanks to one of his actual friends, Brooklyn beat up the four boys and threatened them all, which then caused those boys to flee and never talk to him or Oliver ever again.

Brooklyn now attends High School with his best friend and now crush, Oliver Nakos.

▪︎ Sweet, Caring, Loving, Nuturing
▪︎ Strong, Willing, Kind-Hearted, Compassionate
▪︎ Intelligent, Smart, Witty, Wise, Sarcastic
▪︎ Funny, Generous, Resourceful, Helpful
▪︎ Selfless, Stubborn, Blunt, Straight-forward

✔︎ Sleeping in on weekends
✔︎ Reading, Writing, Drawing
✔︎ Singing, Playing Instruments, Dancing
✔︎ Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate

✘ Being awake
✘ Loneliness, Darkness, Abyss
✘ Stages, Video cameras, People
✘ Soda, Alcohol, Water
✘ Bullies, Cyberbullies, Haters

Quirks / Habits:
- Bites his nails when he's nervous
- Plays with his hair or plays with Oliver's hands when he's anxious
- Picks at his hand when he's bored ( causes scars & scabs to appear on his hand )
- Draws cute and random things on Oliver's hand or arm

- Darkness
- Loneliness
- Heights
- Death
- Losing Oliver


Mother: Catori [ Cayuga & French ]
Father: Matiu David [ Māori & British ]
- Wiremu [ Māori form of William, Brooklyn's older brother of four years ]
Other relatives:
- Cheif Nakos [ Godfather ]

- Cassie Warrington [ 16, Female ]
- Jordan Rafe [ 18, Male ]
- Virginia Cole [ 16, Genderfluid ]
Best Friends:
- Lukas Nakos
- Dalton Vern [ 17, Male ]
Arch Enemies:
- Mark Hann [ 16, Male ]
- Travis Busche [ 17, Male ]
- Elliot Kronor [ 16, Male ]
- January Adams [ 17, Male ]

- Turtle [ Male, Brown & Black Pit-bull terrier mixed with German Shepherd ]
- Shaggy [ White, Female, Norwegian Forest Cat ]


Sexuality: Homosexual
Crush: Oliver Nakos
Virgin? No
Positon: Submissive
Kinks? Plenty


﹢ Fluent in Five languages: Māori, French, Cayuga, Spanish & English
﹢ Can bend his fingers all the way back without them breaking or hurting.
﹢ Recieved his first tattoo when he was thirteen, but had to have it removed as it was learned he was allergic to something within one of the inks which was used.
﹢ Brooklyn was supposed to be a girl, but the doctors has gotten the genders mixed up, and so Catori still named her son, Brooklyn, after the place where she was born.
﹢ Brooklyn is obsessed with Reptiles and Felines, but his father wouldn't allow him to get a snake nor a turtle, so he named one of his dogs Turtle.
﹢ Brooklyn is part of the 1% with Type O+ blood.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments It's up to you where we start off, and if you'd like to make a list of the scenes we do, then I'm cool with that.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Nah, I don't really think it's important to rp that scene, but if you'd like to, we most definitely can.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments I can definitely picture them doing all that cute stuff too. I think we should have them start dating near the end of their junior year, like maybe something happens... one of the dad's accidentally exposes their son to the other boy, or maybe someone rudely exposes the two of them, or maybe one gets drunk and stuff gets exposed because drunk ___ is not a good drunk, and are rather vocal....

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments I think Oliver would be aware of Brooklyn's sexual orientation, but Brooklyn wouldn't be aware of Oliver's and so it would be real cute if Brooklyn were to be drunk and accidentally expose himself to Oliver.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments Brooklyn most definitely would not remember, either because he's afraid that perhaps Oliver doesn't share his feelings, or that he just ruined his friendship with his best friend. It would be adorable if they were both buzzed, because like maybe some of Brooklyn's college friends ( *cough* the ones who attend Harvard *cough* ) invited them to a party and like there was alcohol, and the two boys got drunk. and I think Oliver would remember too though, because yeah he was buzzed but he wasn't so buzzed that he wouldn't remember what happened... because I peg Oliver to be the one to have like one or two drinks because he'd be the ride home and like he doesn't want anyone to get into any accidents.

e l -illcallubymine (ellaistired) | 429 comments totally, i love it. we could start before the party, they could be hanging out at one of their house’s prior to it and then they arrive at the house, get buzzed, feelings are confessed, and then we can go from there. should oliver confess after brooklyn does, or kiss him, or say nothing about it and drive home with a lot of thoughts on his mind?

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ooh yes totally, that would be a fun part to start at. and like, i think that oliver should definitely kiss brooklyn, but like after the drive home with a lot of thoughts on his mind, and like brooklyn definitely remembers that but doesn't remember much else ( because he's afraid to remember ) but he thinks that he initiated the kiss which makes him even more afraid and makes him forget about the incident even more. so he pretends that he doesn't remember anything about that night, which could cause oliver to like distance himself from brooklyn, and brooklyn to be majorly confused by this sudden change of behaviour, and he's like 'umm.., whats wrong? and who's ass do I gotta kick?' ( oh my merlin, and when he finds out why ) he's gonna be like 'oh shit, I gotta kick my own because of my stupid insecure ass'

e l -illcallubymine (ellaistired) | 429 comments yesss oh my god this is going to be the cutest shit ever, I swear. i think we’re ready to start!

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) | 12431 comments im dying inside from all the cuteness! like yaaass, im living for this! we should most definitely start!

could you be a dear and start it off first? (^—^)

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((sorry, i actually suck at starting. let me know if you want me to change or get rid of or add anything!))

“Do you think the snow day tomorrow is really happening?”
Oliver was laying on his best friend’s bed, his head at the foot of it as he looked around the room at the different angle. His eyes settled back on Brooklyn and he showed off a lopsided smile. They spent nearly every day at either of their houses, it had always been that way since high school. Whether they were studying or invited over for dinner or merely being in one another’s presence, that was how things were. Currently they were to be getting ready for some sort of party Brooklyn had mentioned he had heard about from Harvard residents. But having just gotten out of school, Oliver resented getting up and looking presentable just yet.

At least he looked okay. He always looked presentable in school, but when slightly upside down, his hair was in his face and his cheeks were already turning red from blood flow, and he honestly felt like a nap would beat heading to this party. But being around some friends, including Brooklyn? That definitely beat staying home.

“I mean, I guess it’s far fetched, but it’s nice to hope, you know?” He laughed a little and looked back over at Brooklyn after glancing around the room again, awaiting a response or acknowledgement regarding how goofy he probably looked. It was mid-January and it had snowed a fair amount the previous night.

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(( i suck too, which was i asked you. and you did great! nothing needs to be changed, taken away or added. ))

Brooklyn was currently sat at his desk typing up his essay for Spanish, when he heard his friend ask if they were going to have a snow day tomorrow. He turned around to face the boy and smiled when he saw then lopsided smile, his favourite feature from Oliver, he shook his head fondly. "Probably, that is if the school district isn't stupid," he replied as he turned back to his essay, he needed to finish it before they left for the party this evening. People usually thought that Brooklyn was one of the cool guys, the one who doesn't turn in any work, and doesn't do as he's told, and doesn't listen to anyone, they make him out to be a delinquent. He had a clean record, along with Oliver he had a 4.0 gpa, and was getting straight A's, the only time he ever been in a jail was when he went to visit his grandfather who was supposedly put away for harassment and murder of a young man. He let his mind wander for a moment as he realised that he and Oliver were always together somehow, whether that be at his house doing god knows what, or at Oliver's dodging Chief Nakos who just loved to pester the two of them about their school days. He turned around again when Oliver spoke, "As long as fhe school district isn't stupid, I'm sure they'll make it a snow day tomorrow, and as a composition for dragging you to this party, we can spend all day tomorrow lazing about watching movies and eating snacks. If they don't have a snow day, I'll have Dad call us in sick," he said with a small smile. He really wasn't in the mood to go to school in then snow, but with the Harvard campus near by always being plowed and shoveled, he was more then happy to go to a patty at the campus. He turned back to his computer and finished typing up his Spanish essay, how he managed to speak fluent Spanish somehow was beyond him, perhaps it was the lesson his father made him get from his nanny when he was little.

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((i miss the days when i had a 4.0 gpa XD))

“Sure, both of us just happen to be sick on the same day when there’s a shit-ton of snow outside,” he remarked with a small laugh. He scrunched his nose when his hair fell into his face even more, but didn’t bother sitting up yet. The boy was hunched over his laptop and completing a Spanish assignment, so he figured they had some time before they had to get going, anyway. There was something tranquil about laying on the foot of the bed, upside down. Seeing Brooklyn from the corner of his eye was a plus, too.

“As for movies and snacks, I’d like that.” Oliver had never been one for parties, but Brooklyn had encouraged him to come along and he honestly wanted nothing other than being with him, if it wasn’t obvious. Besides, they were students at Harvard and have probably been acquainted with them before, and if Brooklyn knew them, they wouldn’t be too bad. But cuddling with him while watching movies they always rewatched was always a favorite of his.

“Do you need help? With the Spanish. I BSed half of mine, but,” he shrugged and smiled again. Seeing Brooklyn smile was all too rewarding, and always seemed to make Oliver grin like a kid.

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(( I've never had a 4.0 GPA ))

Brooklyn was attempting to write the last few lines of his essay when he heard Oliver speak once again, honestly, them being sick on the same day wasn't as far-fetched as Oliver seemed to make it out to be. For starters, neither of the boys were ever seen apart from one another, and neither of them were ever seen standing or sitting away from one another; secondly, the two of them were always touching in some manner, like right now his legs were currently settled on top of Oliver's, and if he wasn't so focused on his assignment or the party, his entire body would probably be on top of Olivers at this point. "Actually, don't you remember all the times where you got sick and then like a day later I got sick with the same exact sickness?" Brooklyn replied as he typed along, his fingers aching from typing for an hour, and his hand cramping up from the position they had stayed in for an hour.

He smiled though when he heard Oliver say that he'd like the movies and snacks, he regretted ever encouraging Oliver to come with him to parties, but that was only so that other boy's didn't hit on him, and so that Oliver could be the one to drive him home... that and he was the only one that Brooklyn trusted with his Camaro. If Brooklyn was being completely honest, he trusted the students at Harvard more then he trusted his own peers, and that was saying something because College students were much more wilder and much more reckless then High school students. He laughed at Oliver's question, "That's one actual reason why I don't want your help on this Essay," he teased before setting his laptop aside after he finished typing the last final lines. He crawled over to where Oliver lay and purposely laid on top of the other boy, he crossed his arms over Oliver's chest. "I can speak Spanish fluently though, so I don't really need any help," he added on as he pushed back Oliver's hair so that it wasn't in the boy's face anymore.

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((i did in middle school for a year and my life REVOLVED around it :p it’s been years since i cared about that lol))

Brooklyn wasn’t wrong: Oliver’s weaker immune system led to him being sick more often, especially when he was younger. It always kept Brooklyn home from school, as well, for the most part. They were always touching to some extent, whether that be brushing hands or heads resting on the other’s chest or their legs tangled. Always curled up besides eachother. And Brooklyn only proved that point seconds later, when he shifted over and laid down on top of Oliver.

His face flushed more, though it was already red as a cherry. Brooklyn carefully pushed the few strands of hair that had fallen into his face and Oliver scrunched his nose again just to be cute. He shifted a little so they would both be more comfortable; they had always laid around together, it was peculiar when they weren’t. “Is that so?” he said with a raise of his eyebrow and the smile finding its way back onto his lips. It always did around him.

Studying the features on the boy’s face like he had never seen him before. He was different up close, though. A small scar on his face, the piercing that complimented his right ear, and his own hair beginning to fall into his golden eyes that were looking into his. Oliver reached out and mussed Brooklyn’s hair and broke out into a wider grin.

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(( I don't know what my gpa in middle school was, probably a lot better then my high school GPA which is like 2.something ))

There were points in his life where people asked if he and Oliver were dating, some said it with disgust and some said it with pure curiosity and innocence, he always told them that in some way he thought they were, and to the people close to him he always told them that he wished. It was different with friends and family, rather then strangers, with friends and family you can tell them almost anything and some of them will keep their mouths shut, and with strangers you can never tell so you might as well tell them a lie. Brooklyn probably proved a point or two when he laid on top of Oliver, he probably shouldn't be so touchy feely with Oliver as much, especially when Oliver is sick, but there was something in his body and mind that needed him to touch Oliver. It truthfully helped him with his anxiety, and it definitely helped him by lessening the risk of a panic attack.

When Oliver scrunched up his nose after he pushed his hair back, Brooklyn couldn't help but chuckle and grin at his friend's adorableness. He hummed softly as he felt Oliver shift below him, "Yes, it is so, because you suck at Spanish," he answered a smirk gracing his face as he looked at the boy, his golden eyes meeting dark brown.

His breath hitched just a little bit when Oliver pushed back his own hair, also when Oliver pushed his hair back, he closed his eyes slowly. At this point, he decided to make a small joke, "We both need haircuts," he said softly.

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“I am not bad at Spanish!” he insisted quietly before raising his hands in defeat, it was obvious that he was kidding. He was never good at it and never would be, it just didn’t come naturally to him when he wasn’t raised with the language. He didn’t understand Brooklyn’s natural talent with language.

Oliver ran his fingers through Brooklyn’s hair for a moment before retreating, maybe he was being too touchy. If there was one thing he worried about around his best friend, it was that. Only in recent, years, though. He continued to look at his angular and yet soft eyes he payed so much attention to detail to. He smiled softly at the joke he made. “Very true,” he said and laughed at Brooklyn’s comment. His hair hit just under his jaw, and occasionally tied it back or up when necessary. But currently it was splayed around him messily and he propped his head up for a moment so it would be completely out of his face.

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Brooklyn chuckled softly at his friend's comment, "You actually do suck at Spanish, Sir-Ums-A-Lot," he said with a snort, he watched as Oliver lifted his head a little bit, which seemed to move some of the hair away. He actually loved his friend's hair, it was always so soft and he loved threading his fingers through it when he had the chance, which was basically 24/7 if he was honest.

He propped himself up on Oliver's chest a little bit and smirked, he leaned forward and pressed a small kiss to the tip of Oliver's nose, this was a little quirk he did sometimes when he was bored, he'd just hug Oliver and randomly kiss some part of his face or body ( above the waist, of course ). "Please never cut your hair, Babs, I love it too much," he said as he rested his arms back on his friend's chest.

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Oliver shook his head at the boy’s response, but couldn’t help but smile as well. He was totally right when it came to him in Spanish class, he was a stammering mess. It was one of the classes they had together, and when they had different classes? They met eachother in the hallway afterwards and walked eachother to their next class. He cocked his head at the smirk that played on Brooklyn’s face, it was all too sweet. Brooklyn’s lips to his nose left him in some sort of strange daze for half a second, catching him off guard as always. His heart squeezed painfully in his chest at his touch, but it was a good feeling. It was something that his friend always seemed to do out of the blue at random times, and Oliver’s often returned these adorable acts of affection he did occasionally. He blinked a couple times before smiling a little, his fluster possibly evident. “And if I did?” he asked playfully, shaking his head as to emphasize the hair on his head.

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He loved it when he left Oliver in a strange sort of daze, it usually happened every time he did these random acts of affection. Oliver was full well of his sexuality, but Brooklyn really wasn't sure about Oliver's, there were some signs that pointed in a certain direction or two, but Brooklyn wasn't so sure as he used to be anymore. He wondered if Oliver even liked or enjoyed these random acts of affection, he'd have to ask him later after the party or perhaps maybe tomorrrow when his Dad calls them in sick. When Oliver shook his head, a few strands hit him in his face, he scrunched up his face until Oliver stopped shaking his head, he reached forward and pushed any of the hair away from Oliver's face, "I probably wouldn't talk to you for a month, your hair is one of my favourite features about you, that and your sexy bod," he said with a grin. He also loved randomly complimenting Oliver ( which sometimes actual flirting ) with strange but affectionate compliments.

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Brooklyn had been open with his sexuality for quite some time, especially with Oliver, and though they were always affectionate towards eachother, he didn’t think Brooklyn knew about his own. He never told him anything regarding it, for his feelings for him hadn’t gone away after a few years. Unsure how to ever tell him, if he ever would, that is.

His cheeks were already tinted a bright red, and if they could anymore, they most definitely did then after hearing that comment. After a moment of hesitation, Oliver quickly kissed Brooklyn’s nose in reply. He could tell by the look on Brooklyn’s face that he had noted him getting flustered. “Sexy bod?” he questioned Brooklyn’s words with a quiet laugh. “Maybe I’ll do it just to piss you off one day, Brookie.” He smirked and tilted his head up to make himself appear taller than he really was. He would never cut his hair, though, he rarely did throughout his life. The occasional trim every few years and that was it, and Brooklyn knew that too.

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Brooklyn scrunched up his nose when Oliver returned the kiss to the nose, he chuckled softly and shrugged, "What? You do have a sexy body, and I'm not even going to take that back, nor am I going to say 'no homo' like those jackasses we always see at school," he replied as he ran a hand through his own hair. He couldn't help but shake his head at the next thing that came out of his friend's mouth, if he was honest, Oliver did a lot of things to purposely piss Brooklyn off, it usually ended with a cuddling fest in Oliver's bed, with Brooklyn being the little spoon and eating ice cream while they watched Disney movies.

"I swear to God, Ollie, you cut your hair and I'm seriously never talking to you again for an entire year," he said with a straight face, but the twinkle in his eyes that his dad claimed he had, gave away the seriousness of what was supposed to be. "If you cut your hair, I will throw out that hoodie I got a couple years back, you know the one you love to steal every once and awhile?" Brooklyn said, more as a threat rather then a joke or statement.

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Oliver’s eyes widened and the blush across his nose and cheeks only intensified when Brooklyn continued to speak. He was lean and certainly not what people typically found as ‘sexy’, but he was sure that Brooklyn was just trying to get to him. It obviously worked. Oliver would be lying, though, if he were to say he wasn’t thinking the same towards Brooklyn. Not that he would admit that ever.

“That’s sitting in my closet, actually,” he said regarding the sweatshirt. He knew that because he slept in it the previous night, but what he didn’t know was that Brooklyn had noticed that he had taken it from him a couple times before carefully returning it in the boy’s dresser a week or two later. He smiled a bit at that. “And when was the last time I messed with you? Didn’t you end up coming over that night and we watched The Fox and the Hound together?” He tilted his head up more to appear taller than Brooklyn, the small smile sitting on his face contently.

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Brooklyn didn't really believe he was the definition of sexy, nor did he believe he was the definition of hot, despite his past lovers showering him with compliments and assurances, he still felt like he fit none of those descriptions. To himself, he felt severely flawed, and terribly ugly, he felt that what he saw was just a trick that his mind played on him, sometimes he thought he was imagining everything. People made him out to be this confident person, because he took compliments well, and disregarded most insults unless they were directed towards Oliver, which meant that he normally got arrested quite a lot because he always ended up beating people's asses.

He chuckled when Oliver claimed that the hoodie was actually siting in his closet, he had already knew this as he had literally saw Oliver wearing it while they had been face-timing last night. He frowned when his threat came crashing back at him, "I hate you," he muttered and buried his face in Oliver's chest, he wrapped his arms around Oliver's midsection.

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Oliver saw everything beautiful in Brooklyn, though he didn’t say his thoughts out loud nearly as much. A part of him feared the boy ever knowing about his sexuality, though he more than anything wanted to tell him. At this point, after all their cuddling, as well as after Brooklyn’s past lovers, it was difficult to ever bring it up, and assumed that he probably never would. But his heart was set on the damn boy, his affections towards him had been growing underneath his nose for years on end.

His breath hitched softly when Brooklyn wrapped his arms around him again and pulled him close, though he wanted nothing other. That stupid daze Brooklyn always seemed to be able to pull Oliver into. “I don’t believe that,” he mumbled in reply after a moment, and shifted so they were on their sides and looking at eachother. He knew that they should be making their way to the party right now, and that Brooklyn was certainly looking forward to it, but he couldn’t say he wasn’t excited to cuddling up with him afterwards. It was always his favorite thing.

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Brooklyn really wished he could tell Oliver how much he was in love with him, but he couldn't risk ruining the beautiful friendship that they've had all these years, they grew up together for twelve years, there's no way in fucking hell he's throwing twelve years of friendship down the drain. Many people usually informed him that some people continue to be friends even if they are together romantically/sexually, but he didn't believe that at all as he witnessed his father's many relationships in the past. Hell even his older brother's boyfriend's and girlfriends never stayed with him long enough, nor did they stay friends with his brother. This is what frightened him, losing Oliver.

If there was one thing that Brooklyn wished for, it would be to spontaneously combust or to have a pet snake living in his bedroom right next to his computer desk. However, it seemed that neither of those could happen as his father despises reptilian beings, and it was severely impossible for him to just spontaneously combust, unless something happened inside his body. Cuddling into Oliver, he groaned when the boy turned them onto their sides, he moved his face away from Oliver's chest and glanced at his friend. "Hmm, you're right, I don't hate you," he muttered, he buried himself into Oliver. People usually complained about Brooklyn always being the little spoon when it came to the two of them cuddling, and he wondered if Oliver hated it too. "Do you hate it when I'm the little spoon all the time?" He questioned out loud, his voice slightly muffled.

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Gradually did Oliver leave the cloud of fluster he was left in and smiled softly when Brooklyn pulled him close, meeting his radiant eyes he had always loved, even envied. He listened to him intently, finding the muffle in his voice being all too cute because he had nuzzled himself into his chest. “Hmm,” he thought, nuzzling his nose into Oliver’s hair. “No, I like it, actually. You’re happy whenever you are, and I like you happy. Though I enjoy being the little spoon every once in a while, too.” He shifted his head so it was on top of Brooklyn’s, wanting to prolong their physical affection but he knew that they were already going to be late to the party.

And he wondered what Brooklyn thought about him in general. Not just what he genuinely thought about his rather scrawny self, or if he preferred being whatever spoon, but everything that surrounded it. Oliver’s feelings were strong towards Brooklyn, always wanting more touch and more talk but never initiating it because he feared the reaction. Ruining the friendship he spent years growing and enjoying. Brooklyn had been single recently, and he enjoyed the extra time he had been able to spend with him, especially the extra love Brooklyn gave him. Cute cuddles and hand brushes and hair ruffles, and each time tempted him to simply tell his best friend.

(((view spoiler)

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Oddly enough, there was some sense of security that Brooklyn felt from within that sentence, he didn't understand how or why he felt this sense but it made him relax a little bit in Oliver's arms, as he had been very tense awaiting his friend's response. He had talked about this with his therapist before, well actually, he's talked about it many times and usually the answers are always different within each appointment. Although, there was a reoccurring reason as to why Brooklyn preferred being the little spoon when it came to cuddling or even sleeping in the same bed with someone of the same gender. According to his therapist, the fact of being the little spoon almost all the time could either be the result of neglect or the loss of nurture that he was supposed to have as a child. Brooklyn figured that since his father, his brother, nor his godfather, and clearly Oliver didn't neglect him, that it had to be the loss of nurture that he was suppose to have from his mother.

Brooklyn decided not to think about his Mother anymore, he could feel his heartbeat rising and he knew that his father would not be happy if his son ended up having yet another heartattack this month from panic attacks. He cuddled more into Oliver and breathed in the boy's natural musk, it smelled naturally of coffee and whatever Indiana candles that one of the Indians traditionally made within the complex. Brooklyn had the severe urge to claim to he friend that be loved him, and not that usual 'oh, I love you so much bro, no homo tho' crap either, he really genuinely wanted to tell this to Oliver but couldn't form the words, and so he settled with not saying anything.

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Oliver hummed softly, just random quiet notes that he thought of on the spot as he laid their close with his best friend. “I don’t want to get up,” he mumbled as he tucked his head closer to Brooklyn’s. He wanted to tangle their legs together and trace shapes on Brooklyn’s stomach and pull him closer and kiss him. But he knew that they were bound to head off to the party at this point, and Brooklyn has been excited about it since it had been put together. And though Oliver wasn’t the most social of people and the environment wasn’t really something he’d prefer over Brooklyn’s room, he was entertained by the idea of staying by Brooklyn all night. He liked his attention, his affection, and most all, seeing Brooklyn happy always seemed to make him happy. Was that bad? He didn’t think so, Brooklyn was his best friend and Oliver followed him around like a lost puppy in situations he was unfamiliar or uncomfortable with, and he seemed to make things better. Oliver was content.

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As time seemed to go on for the boys, Brooklyn began to realise as they were growing up, that perhaps what they were doing with one another was not as healthy as he thought it had been. Did he enjoy being close with Oliver? Of course. Did he enjoy cuddling with Oliver, and being the little or big spoon? Of course. Did he enjoy spending time with Oliver when they didn't have school or work? Yeah, totally. But, Brooklyn didn't think it was healthy, and so he and Oliver had attempted to spend time away from one another with the help of Brooklyn's friends, and their own parents. However, during Brooklyn's history period whilst he was presenting a presentation to the class, he ended up having a panic attack and they had to call in Oliver. It's not his fault that when he's panicking that Oliver is the only one who can calm him down, that's how it's always been, and yeah it's not healthy, but at least Brooklyn isn't dead or hooked up to IVs because he had a heart attack.

Brooklyn groaned into his friend's shoulder as a response, basically implying that he didn't want to get up either, but then again if they wanted to make it to that damned party, then they'd have to get up. He was about to contemplate whether or not he should just bail on the party and settle for Disney movies and Sweets, when suddenly his phone rang. He groaned again and grabbed it from his pocket, he answered it, "Brooklyn speaking," he mumbled as he curled into Oliver; he listened to the other person speak for about three minutes before they ended the call. "Shit... for some fucking reason it's a formal party that I wasn't informed on until three minutes ago," he muttered as he stuffed his phone back into his pocket. "Ugh... best friend? Will you murder me so that I don't have to go to this party that I really want to go to?" Brooklyn asked, voice muffled by his friend's chest.

(( also for those ideas you previously listed, hell yes to all those ))

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((yayyy okay cool, we can do one of the drunk ones tonight if you want, i feel like the being quiet one would work better but *shrugs*))

It was blatantly obvious that Oliver was attached to Brooklyn , whether that be necessarily good or bad. The boy appeared to take away his worries, but at the same time it made his mind revolve around him, for the most part. It was rather unhealthy at times, so Oliver tried to distance himself sometimes. But they both came back for eachother, it was as if they were eachother’s necessities. As if he was nothing without him. Brooklyn’s presence was his favorite thing, holding him and being held.

Oliver jumped a bit, snapped out of his thoughts, when Brooklyn’s phone chimed, but relaxed back into the bed and closed his eyes. Listening to the mumble on the other end while Brooklyn replied until hanging up. He groaned softly in reply, and tucked his head closer to Brooklyn’s for a moment. “Best friend, only if you murder me first,” he replied quietly, and though now they really had to leave now, Oliver remained where he was. Not wanting to move until Brooklyn did so, wanting to remain in his warmth and affection that he loved and yet was so intimidated by.

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(( Just a little heads up, I will be heading out later today to apply for a job... and depending on if they really need people like my friend said, then maybe an interview.. so yeah, I might not be on as much anymore ))

Brooklyn chuckled slightly and sat up a bit, "If I murdered you first, who would murder me... actually Virgina could if they really wanted to, they've been complaining about killing me for a while now," he said with a snort. He sighed and force do himself to untangle from Oliver, he climbed off his gigantic bed and headed over to he closet where he attempted to finding some formal clothes for him and Oliver to wear to this party. There was suddenly a knock on the door and Brooklyn's Dad walked in holding a box of condoms in his hand, Brooklyn turned around in time just to see his Dad. "Dad!" Brooklyn shrieked in embarrassment, "What if we were changing?" He snapped. His Dad shrugged, "Not like I haven't seen you already, I mean who do you think changed your diapers when you were little? Nakos wouldn't dare touch a diaper... " his Dad replied with an grin before leaving.

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((hey, that’s awesome! best of luck on getting the job!))

Oliver let out a quiet whimper when Brooklyn left him alone on the king sized bed-it was always a shame when one had to leave the other’s side-but it eventually motivated him to sit up, as well. He debated getting up from the bed in general, as he had been debating for the past few minutes, anyway. The absence of warmth beside him was nagging at him, a frustrating absence that he didn’t want. He watched as Brooklyn stepped to his closet and eventually hopped off the bed to help him find formal clothing for them to wear in order to attend the party. The silence of only shuffling of clothes in the room changed when a brief knock on the door welcomed Matiu into the room, and Oliver nearly jumped at the sudden entrance. He peaked out from the closet and laughed a little at the side, though his cheeks flushed red as per usual. “He’s not wrong,” he replied with a small shrug, as if to shrug off Brooklyn’s father entrance in general. He liked his dad, he had the traits that his own father didn’t have, which was beneficial to him. Not nearly as strict in character. He looked back to Brooklyn and chuckled a little, rolling his eyes as his father left.

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(( ahh... I still need to call in and I'm fucking terrified about it, and I don't know what to say when I call in and ask about the applications to all the places I applied to.... this would be my first job because I'm a lazy asshole and I know absolutely nothing ))

When Brooklyn was sure that his father was completely out of ear-shot, he turned to Oliver and rolled his eyes until he couldn't anymore, "I understand that Uncle Nakos never really liked dealing with babies, as I agree that babies are quite annoying even if they are really cute, but just because Dad saw our little itty-bitty baby dicks doesn't mean he can just walk into my bedroom," he said as he began scouring his closet again. "I'm sixteen years old, I need my damned privacy," he said exasperatedly, given that his father was one of the richest men in the world, he received an allowance of thirty dollars a week from his father, and he usually saved up his money to buy himself things. Like clothes, new electronics, technology accessories such as charges and cases and shit, and even things that the house needs like cleaning supplies, food, and toiletries. He was sifting through his formal patch of clothes, "Do you want to borrow something, Ollie?" He questioned.

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((gah, you’re motivating me to get a job because all i do is sit on this phone and occasionally study for my ap classes! and by occasionally i mean VERY rarely XD i wish you best of luck though!))

Oliver bit his lip to keep the smile from growing on his face and his blush from rising any more when his father left the room as he listened to Brooklyn. He shrugged and chuckled a little. “Dads are invasive and it’s annoying as fuck. Or maybe it’s just ours who are like that.” He wasn’t sure if it was obvious, but Oliver honestly couldn’t tell which parent was more involved in their son’s life. Not that he purposefully kept things from his dad, but Oliver didn’t tell his father much unless asked, and didn’t bother telling him more personal things.

He smiled, no, beamed when he heard Brooklyn open his mouth again. Only Brook called him Ollie, and he liked it that way. Always has. “Unless going to the party in this is ideal.” He motioned to his clothes, which were nice, but far from formal. “Then yes, please.” He ducked back into the closet next to Brooklyn and watched as he searched through his clothes.

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(( oof, did I really motivate you to get a job? XD ))

Brooklyn couldn't help but stop and laugh at that statement, that and he rarely ever heard Oliver swear, and so it sounded so odd coming from the boy's mouth whenever he swore. "Hmm, I do agree that Dads are invasive and annoying as fuck. But I'm pretty sure that our Dads are not the only Dads who do this kind of things," he said as he returned to focussing on his closet, as he did he began to think about his Dad. His Dad was absolutely the sweetest man alive, he was severely laid-back, and could probably care less about him and Oliver going out to a party on a school night. Brooklyn didn't really tell his Dad much, as he wasn't sure how to even bring it up, he usually waited until his Dad notices or he usually waited until Uncle Nakos notices, and when they do that's when he tells them things. Other then that, Brooklyn is very private with his life, as he didn't want anything accidentally leaking out to a certain someone.

He grinned when he saw Oliver beam out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at what Oliver was wearing and was sure that no one would mind if the boy came dressed like that. But Brooklyn wanted them to wear matching outfits, it would make them look absolutely adorable at the party, and he was sure no one else would be wearing the same things, so it would be easy to find Oliver if they were to get separated. Which wouldn't happened, as Brooklyn tends to keep a hold of Oliver's hand while they're at parties.

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((you totally did! i just called an ice cream place that’s taking applicants XD))

The smile stayed on his face, and he bit his lip to keep it from growing at the sound of Brooklyn’s laugh. His favorite laugh. He stepped closer to the boy as he sorted through his formal clothing and rested a head on his shoulder, watching him sift through his clothes. “Since when were formal parties even a thing?” he said quietly, nuzzling into his shoulder. He had only gone to a couple parties in the first place, nevermind a formal one. But then again, he never went to parties on campus.

“Those ones,” he said, and pointed to two nice buttonups that looked nearly identical amongst the clothes hanging up. He pulled away so he could see Brooklyn’s face.

e l -illcallubymine (ellaistired) | 429 comments ((sorry it’s short!))

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Also! Good luck on the ice cream place! I recently got an interview at McDonalds on Friday ))

e l -illcallubymine (ellaistired) | 429 comments ((haha sounds good, i really don’t want to mess with him after seeing all the stuff he’s bitching about /: and thanks! that’s awesome b!))

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(( welp, had to cancel the interview, buuuttt I gotta interview with Taco Bell tomorrow.... yippie))

When Oliver rested his head on his shoulder, he thought absolutely nothing of it, but when the boy began to nuzzle into his shoulder, he lost the ability to function properly and he swore he twitched and almost dropped the shirt he held in his hands. He quickly composed himself and shook his head, "Don't even ask me, why college kids are throwing a formal party is beyond me, but as long as you and I look cute, I don't give a crap what kind of party it is. As long as there's booze, then I am sold," Brooklyn answered as he pulled out the shirts that Oliver picked out.

He took a deep breath and slowed down his breathing, he didn't need a heart attack right now, not while he and Oliver were right here in his bedroom and his Dad right downstairs doing god knows what with that new guy his Dad brought over. "Alrighty, these are my favourite shirts, because they're part of a pastel blue collection at Forever 21," he said as he handed Oliver the slightly smaller size, he then reached up and grabbed a rather large box of ties and bow ties, he rummaged around for a cute red tie with little pink and white hearts printed on it.

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Oliver watched as Brooklyn flinched a little and almost pulled away to see if he was okay, but he was fine a second later. Weird. He chuckled a little at Brooklyn’s words and smiled at the two cute shirts that were picked out amongst the other nice tops. “You’re such a baddie,” he teased regarding the alcohol, and playfully tapped the tip of his nose. Oliver drank something at the last party he attended (one of the few, at that), but he didn’t think he got drunk. He was sure Oliver had at previous parties, though, and would probably get drunk tonight, as well. Tipsy Brooklyn was a cute Brooklyn, but when wasn’t he?

“They’re adorable,” he said with a small smile as he took the offered shirt from him and stepped out of the closet while he began to tug off his shirt. They always changed in front of eachother, that wasn’t unusual. But Oliver still couldn’t help but feel a little insecure in his body, so he pulled his shirt off and shrugged the other on all while walking in the direction of the bed, all absentmindedly.

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(( I'm super nervous though, I've never been in an interview before, hell I never seen an actual interview before... ))

Brooklyn grinned when Oliver spoke once more, but this time calling him a "baddie" which was probably regarding the alcohol. Brooklyn had acquired the taste for alcohol when he was in his freshman year, one of his friend's invited him to a party they were throwing and somehow were able to get access to beer. Oliver had come along that day, and Brooklyn got completely drunk off his ass, but according to everyone, a drunk Brooklyn was a very cute and affectionate Brooklyn. Whenever someone told him of what he did the night before, after he got drunk, he always tried to deny it as to cover up how insecure he is about ruining the friendships he always seem to create.

He finally found the ties he was looking for, after putting the box back up and grabbing some dress pants, he stepped out of the closet and closed it. He walked over to Oliver when he saw the boy heading towards the bed, "Found some pants, they should still fit you, I'm pretty sure we're the same size in pants by now thanks to my dieting," he said as he set the pants on the bed. He then set down the tie as well, "I found these cute little ties, they're deep red with pink and white little hearts all over it, and I absolutely love them!" Brooklyn said.

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Oliver turned back around when Brooklyn spoke just as he was buttoning the shirt up. “Thanks,” he said as Brooklyn set the dress pants on the bed beside him. He usually borrowed the same set of outfits every time he was over at his best friend’s house, but the shirt and tie were an exception for tonight because he bought it would be cute to match with him. He looked over at the ties and smiled at Brooklyn’s excitement. “They are definitely adorable,” he commented, and once he got the dress pants on, he grabbed it and began to tie it around the collar. “You need me to do yours?” he asked with a small smile once he finished his own. Out of the two of them, Brooklyn was definitely the one out of the two of them to go to more social events. He knew more people, talked more often, it was just more...him when it came to parties. And though Oliver didn’t mind parties, he’d much rather cuddle up with Brooklyn and do whatever.

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Brooklyn nodded when his friend thanked him for the pants, he eyed the shirt that Oliver was buttoning, and he moved forward, adjusting the bottoms of the shirt and the collar. He felt the fabric and wondered if it would be too itchy for either of them, since they couldn't even wear any clothing with wool stitched in without itching for the entire day. When he was finished with the shirt, he backed away and began working on getting his own things off of his body. As Oliver asked about the tie, with this many clothes and stuff, you'd expect Brooklyn to be able to tie a tie, but alas, his father nor Chief Nakos really taught him how to tie a tie, and so he was stuck, having other people do it for him. He blushed, "Yeah," he replied.

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Oliver smiled a little at the blush that tinted Brooklyn’s face, and stepped over to him once he had his shirt on. He held the tie and wrapped it around his collar before beginning to tie it, all I gentle motions. “I like tying your ties,” he noted simply with a small shrug as he worked on the tie. Brooklyn was right, they were adorable, especially because the two of them would be wearing them. Would people think they were dating? Probably. Whenever they were together in public, many assumed. Oliver both didn’t mind that and minded a lot. Because they were just almost in a relationship, and yet they weren’t. Oliver was straight, if anybody were to ask. But nobody ever asked because they assumed. And those goddamn assumptions were right. He bit his lip a bit while he worked on the material around Brooklyn’s neck, being careful and gently. Once he shook his head out of his thoughts, he looked back to Brooklyn and met his eyes for a second. “I can tie them better than you ever could, anyway, so,” He teased and stuck his tongue out before softly chuckling.

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Brooklyn couldn't help but pout as Oliver worked at the tie, he looked over at the mirror that sat near his door, he could see both him and Oliver within the mirror and he had to admit that the colours really popped on the two of them and the ties were absolutely adorable. With these matching outfits, people were bound to think that he and Oliver were dating, not that he really minded, in fact he encouraged the assumptions by telling people that they were dating when asked, it was easier then to say it was complicated. He refocused on Oliver, and pouted once more, "Hey! That's not fair, you've got loads of men living under your apartment building roof, one that doesn't even own a tie probably, or has your mother do it for him, I've got one Dad who brings men over to the house, and neither Dad nor any of the men have ever taught me to tie a tie," he said with a small frown. But then burst into giggles.

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Oliver raised his eyebrow as he listened to his best friend’s shpeel over ties, all while Oliver was tying his. And he held his serious eye contact for as long as possible until Brooklyn burst out into a small fit of contagious laughter, leaving Oliver to begin to smile and giggle like a kid with the boy he had known since he was one. He rested his head on him as he laughed until regaining himself. Those were his favorite moments with Brooklyn, no scratch that, cuddling with him was. But laughing with him over small little things until their stomachs hurt, that was a close second. “Fair point.”

He stood up straight again, as he always had the best posture, and looked in the mirror once he finished Brooklyn’s tie. He wasn’t wrong; they looked very spiffy and very cute, almost like they were dating. But that obviously wasn’t the case. “You look good,” he commented simply, looking over to him and shrugging. He knew they probably had to make their way to the party at this point.

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